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Omron’s New Touch Sensor Is A Drop-In Mechanical Switch Replacement

Omron Electronic Components Europe has launched a new touch-operated sensor which is a drop-in replacement for a mechanical switch but delivers all of the reliability and flexibility of touch.

Omron Electronic

Capacitive touch sensors provide a great many benefits in terms of longevity and user-friendliness, but usually, require careful work at the design stage and proper set up to ensure that they work reliably in the application. By contrast, mechanical switches are very simple to design in and assemble.

The new Omron W7ED touch sensor combines the simplicity of a mechanical switch with the enhanced performance and flexibility of touch control. Suitable for almost any application in which a mechanical switch is currently used, the device is just fastened to the touch electrode with a screw. It reliably detects the capacitance change brought about by the presence of a finger without the need to design or incorporate a control PCB or to perform sensitivity adjustments. There are no moving parts to wear out.

Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager, Sensors at Omron said, “This is an ideal solution for a great many applications – but especially useful in environments from domestic kitchens to industrial and R&D applications including elevators where the control panel is exposed to fluids and other contaminants.”

The Omron W7ED can be operated from a supply of 5-15V DC. The maximum output current is 10mA.

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