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ON Semiconductor to Demonstrate Power and Sensing Solutions

ON Semiconductor has declared to be demonstrating its latest industry-leading power and sensing technologies for new energy vehicles at the Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS) to be held from July 7-10.

ON SemiconductorAs one of the top 10 suppliers of semiconductors to the global automotive sector, ON Semiconductor will demonstrate its innovative image sensing and LiDAR solutions, with Strata-enabled LED lighting solutions for ADAS/autonomous driving to improve safety and driver comfort.

The company will also showcase a variety of power modules, including advanced SiC solutions for EV powertrains, onboard chargers (OBC) and a 48 V system for cleaner cars.

Visitors to the ON Semiconductor booth located at #E24 in W4 Hall will be treated to demonstrations of a selection of the following solutions:

Autonomous Driving

The AR0144AT Driving Monitoring System features a 1.0 MP sensor optimized for high sensitivity to infrared (940 nm) LED lighting and industry-leading shutter efficiency for precise eye/head tracking. Its small footprint enables easy integration within instrument clusters and infotainment systems.

LED Lighting

The ready-to-use Strata Enabled LED lighting EVK and Pixel Lighting Controller reference design offers a comprehensive evaluation experience to test, measure, and control various critical design parameters in LED vehicle lighting systems. This helps design engineers determine if the solution is compatible and a good fit for their automotive lighting application.

EV Powertrain

The VE TracTM traction inverter power modules – including the 6-pack Single Side Direct Cooling power integrated modules (PIMs), Dual Side Cooling PIM and SiC-based modules – have been specifically designed for the main traction inverters that drive electric motors in modern EVs.


Based on a high voltage super−junction MOSFET, the 6.6 kW SiC OBC platform is high efficiency and high-power density reference design that features an interleaving PFC and a full-bridge LLC. These advanced and extremely robust components increase operating efficiency by up to 95%.

The 6.6 kW Totem Pole PFC for the OBC evaluation board provides a reference design for a multi-channel interleaved bridgeless topology which can reduce component count, lower conduction losses, and increase efficiency to up to 97%.

48 V System

Automotive power modules (APMs) will also be showcased. Designed to withstand the vibration and mechanical stresses inherent in the vehicle environment, the high-power density modules are efficient, reliable, and offer low thermal resistance. They make it much simpler for designers to implement the building blocks of Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle systems.


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