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Ontario’s clean tech ecosystem Odyssey stands tall Courtesy; SDTC

STDC LOGOBy way of being a key contributor to the dominant concentration of clean technology companies in Ontario, Canada, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) from its barrio is energizing the development and demonstration of a clean technology ecosystem that international clean tech companies can and should take advantage of.


The 2014 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report by Analytica Advisors states that 35 percent of clean tech companies in Canada are located in Ontario – That is 10 percent more than in any other Canadian province. 86 of 246 SDTC-funded projects to date are funded in Canada’s largest province, which is also home to the Ontario Clean Technology Alliance ­- a collective of regional and municipal economic development organizations across Ontario – that is attending HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s leading trade fair meant for the industrial technology including energy and environmental innovations.

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“With over $600 million allocated over 246 technology projects across Canada, SDTC has successfully leveraged an additional $2.2 billion in funding from project partners including global clean technology companies,” alleged Jim Mairs, senior Business Development Consultant/Assistant manager for the City of Guelph’s Economic Development, Finance & Enterprise Services, an Ontario Clean Technology Alliance member.

Rhetoricising that – “Ontario has attracted more SDTC funding than any other province in Canada. Ontario’s clean technology sector also offers a world-leading, highly educated talent base, a low-risk business environment, and generous targeted tax credits to global clean energy, clean technology and environmental companies seeking growth.”

SDTC’s SD Tech Fund is currently accepting statements of interest until April 16, 2014. International clean tech companies can now take advantage as consortium members through partnerships, limited partnerships or business trusts with incorporated Canadian companies. SDTC from its part affords investment into the development and demonstration phases of clean technologies, helping prove the feasibility of the technology in a real-world setting.

SDTC from its quarter typically contributes about 33 percent of eligible project costs, usually ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars, with consortia members, together with industry and end-use customers, active as well in financing and guiding the project en route for commercialization.


Jawed Akhtar

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