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Optimal Efficiency and Security in IT Infrastructure Management Key for CIOs

Satish Kumar V
Satish Kumar V, Director, DMX Technologies India

Diversity, Scaleup, Boundless & Security are the adorable forewords defining the perennial changing IT infrastructure technologies. The growing integration of Cloud & turnkey analytics is also alarming technological shifts in the IT corridors. The Japanese ICT infrastructure heavyweight, DMX Technologies veteran snugs with BiS Infotech to confab on the unknown facts gushing in this domain and its expertise to cater the diverse demands of the Indian market. This was a small cog in a large machine as Satish Kumar V, Director, DMX Technologies India unveils more pragmatic facets through the viz-a-viz. Edited Excerpts. 

What are the key market-driven offerings and solutions of the company, and how do you strategize your products to the diverse needs of today’s Indian Market.

We are a software OEM company operating in the domain of IT Infrastructure Management space. Everest IMS, our flagship software offering has been conceived, developed and evolved over the last decade catering to various customers across Telecom, ISP, BFSI, Manufacturing, ITES, Defense and Government verticals in India and abroad.

We believe in understanding and delivering software solutions that are tailor made to fit the exact needs of our customers rather than off-the-shelf product approach.

As today’s enterprises regardless of their sizes are looking for cloud driven infrastructure and services. How is DMX India tapping the transformation?

Everest IMS – our flagship solution framework is cloud ready. What we mean by this is that it is both for the cloud and on the cloud. Be it the subscription / perpetual licensing or on premise / on cloud deployment models, our offerings are in-line with customer preferences.

Our team’s expertise is in building private cloud for our customers who are willing to adopt cloud for their IT. This coupled with our Everest IMS software & NoC services will ensure that customers are always on top of things that matter in their cloud journey.

Overall, we simply make sure what ever and where every our customer’s IT infrastructure is, they are enabled to get the top efficiency from their IT.

What is the key USP of the company which makes the decision makers choose DMX India?

There are 2 key players for us in this market – Channel Partners and Customers

  • Decision makers of partners take note of us because of our capabilities, existing customer base, direct local presence along with business model that supports their increased role in services resulting higher revenues and customer stickiness. They see us as their opportunity to make / improve their mark in software solution space for end customers.
  • Software development pedigree with over a decade of serving customers across Asia, experience in catering to varying needs of customers across multiple verticals, R&D and Support locally from India and willingness to work along with their preferred IT vendor to address their specific needs make us relevant to decision makers of potential customers.

What is the current market focus of the company? And any key strategies to cater in this indigenous customer-base.

Shifting to Channel Partner only sales model and rolling out of our software offerings under SaaS model to cater majority of customers whose needs can be fulfilled by our standard features are the key strategies for us currently.

What is the fundamental for achieving effective enterprise IT management and the priorities of CIOs for managing mission-critical Networks?

Building capability in IT Infra Management to try out, roll out and operate IT Infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of business is key for CIOs.

An ever evolving IT setup that operates at optimal efficiency without tying them down to any specific technology / platform with enough security measures is fundamental to CIOs.

Complete visibility of availability / connectivity / performance of entire IT infrastructure with timely notification and detailed reporting clubbed with role based access control is what Everest IMS bring to the table of CIOs. 

There is a surge in integrating IT infrastructure management among enterprises, what role your Flagship Solution – Everest will play in this domain.

The key point here is that Everest IMS is more like a framework than a product in the domain of IT Infrastructure Management. We have been delivering software solutions that vary so much for each customer in order to meet the specific IT Infra Management needs – Everest is well poised to play “any or all” of the roles: EMS / NMS / key Integration Interface between existing Tools / Manage of Managers (Umbrella NMS).

Each of our major customers have benefitted from our approach to understand the exact pain points / objectives of the project, delivery of customized solution catering to specific needs, followed by our services of maintaining and extending the solution in sync with their IT roadmap.

What are the challenges do you witness in managing heterogeneous environment and how to overcome them?

Heterogeneous IT environment is very much required by organizations to keep abreast of the latest trends as well as embrace new technologies to provide their business / operations with an advantage over competition. It is also the result of the customer’s endeavour to remain out of the clutches of specific vendor / technology lock-in.

The primary challenges for the customers having heterogeneous environment are:

  • Non-standardization,
  • Need for larger operations team and multi-party AMC vendors,
  • Visibility limited to individual silos of operation and information / reports,
  • Tough job to drive a business objective across IT set-ups.

Everest IMS framework ensures that our solutions benefit from interaction / integration and consolidation of information across various tools and IT set-ups in a heterogeneous IT environment, thereby removing the major concerns of customers by making the management of heterogeneous IT environment a more practical task.

Key concerns of CIOs regarding end-to-end network management?

Integration of information, interaction between various vendor specific tools, consolidation & standardization of visibility / operations / reporting / maintenance of various components in the IT set-ups are the key concerns of CIOs as they need to always strive in keeping IT relevant in the overall business objectives of their organization.

Everest IMS (based) solutions have the advantage of providing coverage across different levels / layers of IT infrastructure right from “end-points to links to access network devices to core network devices to servers to applications”.

What are the key advantages of DMX India unique approach and innovative solutions and how shall we recognize DMX India as a company today and tomorrow?

DMX India and its model of operations can be directly mapped to the transition and evolution of Everest IMS features, deployment options, pricing models, customization capabilities and localized support & NoC operations.

Our partners gain advantage of being enabled to offer bigger software solutions along with repeated services revenues with our team being there to handhold them whenever required.

Our customers enjoy the fact that our engagement approach does not resemble vendors who just sell and disappear. We continue to be a part of their scheme of things enabling them to confidently pursue their business objectives and evolve their IT infrastructure to drive the same.

What are DMX India’s strategic expansion plans and key focus areas for this very fiscal year?

As mentioned earlier, Channel Partner only sales model and Everest IMS offerings under SaaS model are the key strategies for us currently.

You have recently partnered with ‘Technobind’ as your expert channel partner. How is the company practicing to drive the channel-front market strategy?

We have tied up with Technobind as our national distributor to ensure that EverestIMS solution offerings are reachable to all potential customers across India through their well-established channel partner network backed by their strong pedigree of carrying technology solutions.

We are together driving the partner onboarding and lead generation activities by making our potential partners aware of the benefits of partnering with us in terms of both fulfilment of their customer’s needs (resulting in customer stickiness) as well as increasing their revenues / margins through additional scope of service offerings they can provide by using Everest IMS.

Govt. Initiative like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ has turn head of the Tech-driven ecosystem, how is the company aligning itself with these pragmatic initiatives.

We are proud for the fact that Everest IMS by its origin & evolution is by default within the scope / definition of these prestigious initiatives.

Everest IMS is a software made in India, serving Indian market and will continue to be so with its complete R&D and support being made available in India itself.

With its contributions to Defense installations, SWAN projects, Cloud projects for Enterprises, enabler of new service rollout from Telecom & ISPs, Everest IMS will continue to be in the thick of things that are taking place in making “Digital India” a reality.


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