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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Our Robots Can be Customized from Distance

Robotics has become a basic need for our generation. Nowadays everybody is keen to have advance technology. In fact many countries prefer robots instead of humans for their work. Without robotics many of Europe’s successful manufacturing industries would not be able to compete from their current European bases of operation. Kerala based ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd is one of the companies in India, which totally focuses on robotics/automation needs. It provides engineering products solutions and consultancy in the areas like robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications. Jayakrishnan Thrivikraman Nair, CEO, ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd in an exclusive interaction with Nitisha Dubey shares his company’s speciality and its unique products which make it different from others.Jayakrishnan, ASIMOV Robotic

Q. Can you please explain your company and its offerings?

We Provide engineering solutions and consultancy in the areas like robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications.

Product: SAYABOT

Sayabot is a service robot platform developed by ASIMOV robotics that has a wide array of capabilities that makes it work seamlessly in airports, hotels, hospitals, education & training institutes, corporate offices, banks and pretty much any human environment. Sayabot effortlessly navigates in indoor spaces using its autonomous navigation capabilities .Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) it can intelligently converse with humans through voice and text.

Dexterous arms and hands enable Sayabot to perform a lot of human-like gestures and interactions . Through face and gesture recognition and other biometric recognition, Sayabot can perform many behaviour-influenced interactions.

Sayabot can be interfaced with the Cloud making it ideal interface for user data collection and data analytics.

Product: KARMI-Bot

ASIMOV Robotics has come-up with newly designed robotic platform, KARMI-Bot to support the health workers from getting infected inside the quarantine zone. KARMI-Bot is a very practical and capable of autonomously navigating inside the isolation ward to transport and dispense food and medical supplies for patients under care. The robot can engage the patients as well as initiate video conferencing between patients and the human caregiver from a remote location. They are capable of disinfecting the used items during the return journey to home station.

Product: Chhaya

Chhaya is non-mobile humanoid robot torso with silicone prosthetics. It’s capabilities & functionalities are primarily to assist people by answering queries, providing information & customer engagement through arm movements and/or ultrarealistic active human face with silicon prosthetics and emotion synthesis

Q. What are the main sectors which your company is focusing on?

Our main focus is Medical and healthcare. However, our robots are able to be customized for hospitality, security, retail, etc.

Q. What is the USP of your company and your business models to be viable in the market?

The team has 14+ years of experience in advanced robotics and have provided solutions to many internationally reputed clients including US, Canadian and Japanese defense, space and nuclear organizations. Our service robot platforms are highly customizable with a wide array of capabilities that makes it work seamlessly alongside with human beings. Our products can be managed and maintained from distance. We provide both robotic project as well as services of robots through subscription.

Q. Your flagship product in this domain?

SAYBOT Humanoid robot

Q. What are your future plans for making Robotics technology more successful?

With the current focus on medical and healthcare ASIMOV robotics is planning to scale-up the manufacturing of our robots to be able to supply the increasing demand in India and abroad

Q. Please explain the impact of automation and robotics in Indian businesses.

Robots will no longer remain confined to industrial applications. It already started becoming a part and parcel of our life. Requirements from services, military and space applications will grow in importance. More robotics will be used in medical applications. More floors will be swept; more lawns mowed by robots, more planets will be explored. The growth in service robotics is estimated as above 60% by 2025. In India this market is early stage or still need to be established. However because of the new normal due to the pandemic Covid19, automation will be getting highly significant in the coming years even in India.

Q. What will be your marketing strategy for making your offerings more successful?

Can’t be disclosed at this point of time.

Q. Lastly, trends you expect shaping the Automation and robotics sector?

This is the time of fourth industrial revolution. New age industrial robots, play a pivotal role in Industry 4.0 revolution. During the last decade, the evolution of robotic capabilities was exponential. Robots have become more efficient, customizable, assistive, collaborative and multi-purpose, safer and have contributed immense value to manufacturing and service sectors. Advancement in IoT and AI work as cartelists to this. The impact of digital labour is not only helps the manufacturing process automation but also supports research and development in transforming ideas and concepts in to reality. 3D printers are a good example to this. 


Nitisha Dubey

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