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A Bengaluru Based Start-up Targeting 500,000 AI-enabled Cameras in Upcoming Years

Miran JunaidiA Bengaluru based startup, works for end-to-end video intelligence solution to monitor any and all Standard Operating Procedures, leveraging pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure. The company is founded by the students of SRM University- Sourav Sanyal, Saurabh Ghanekar, and Miran Junaidi, who are in their last year of graduation. In an interaction with Nitisha, they shared that is planning to sign up international clients in the next 18 months, with a target of getting 500,000 AI-enabled cameras.

Q.  Please share details about and its speciality? continuously observes, monitors, and analyzes workplace activity, to provide comprehensive metrics that promote remote auditing, and drive top quality at all times. It requires near-zero human intervention and has no hardware involved, it automatically streams data to the cloud via a desktop application, where businesses can upload their custom SOPs, train it on the dashboard and deploy it to all their cameras with just one click.

Some of the cutting edge features of OurEye AI are:

  • One-shot model training
  • Custom object detection
  • Live admin Dashboard
  • Automated attendance
  • Person detection
  • Custom SOP detection
  • Activity tracking
  • CRON compatibility

All of 20 now, OurEye AI has seven global clients signed up with them, including ongoing pilots with Burger King and Ghost Kitchens.

Q. How it is different from India’s other AI company? competes with companies such as UnCanny Vision, Ring Labs, and Envy Vision. OurEye not only helps in maintaining the SOP and Compliance of the clients but also gives them insights into how they can increase their market value and increase in trust with their customers with the help of the live admin dashboard. OurEye completely takes care of its client’s information and hence it also provides end to end encryption standards.

It is completely a software product and has no hardware involved in it and thus making it very easy to install and does not require a maintenance team. It works on a very low bandwidth of 2 megabytes per second and has customizable datasets and models that can be deployed by the user directly. Not only this it also connects to existing close circuit cameras and provides real-time alerts to store managers for faster compliance.

Q. Please share your marketing strategy and future plans.

The goal is to bring 10,000 cameras to life by end of 2021 through OurEye and there are plans to open an office in Bengaluru soon and recruit engineers and other staff. OurEye also visions to get international clients within the next 18 months.

Q.  Apart from India, which market are you looking for in the future?

OurEye is looking forward to signing up international clients in the next 18 months, with a target of getting 500,000 AI-enabled cameras on OurEye’s network.

Q. What kind of challenges and scope do you see in your respective industry?  

Challenges exist in every sphere of life, as of now, challenges have been massive as being a very young and small team. From product management to sales, especially to enterprises, however, it’s a big learning experience for us.

Q. Lastly major trends you see catapulting and dominating the technology innovation in the coming time.

The upcoming decade will be completely defined by technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. With time the increase in the ability of machines to learn and act intelligently will play a key role in transforming the world making it more advanced with no human intervention at all.


Nitisha Dubey

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