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Leading PCB Design Companies in India

PCB IntroPrinted Circuit Board (PCB) known as a thin board of composite epoxy or any other laminate material that is used as a base to mechanically support and electrically connecting electric components with conductive pathways etched on it. And are the basic foundation tools of modern electronic devices. PCB Design, on the other hand, refers to the process of electrically connecting all components on a manufactured PCB with correct placement and routing while obeying all design rules for the IC. With the basic introduction over, we have shortlisted few of the leading PCB Design Companies in India that have made their name in the past years with their impeccable services.

PCB 1PCB Power Market: With a long history carrying its reputation, the company has made its name to become one of the leading PCB Design Companies in India. The company focuses on high-quality and economically viable PCB systems. Not just PCB design, PCB Power Market has solutions for every field ranging from customized designs to PCB layouts, making power stencils, soldering solutions, fabrication and assembly of PCB, heatsinks & mounting kits, thyristors & triacs, varistors and switches, capacitors and rectifiers, etc., thus supplying thousands of small and large components required to build an efficient and custom made PCB.

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PCB 2Eldaas Technologies: With a wide range of services, Eldaas Technologies has made its name in the leading PCB Design Companies in India. It offers cutting-edge PCB design services to the global electronic players to get customized PCB solutions. The company deals in Embedded Solutions, Complex PCB design, RF Design, Embedded hardware/software design and electronic manufacturing services. They have ties with Bharat Electronics, Christ University, Xilinx among the few.

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PCB 3Argus Embedded Systems: Argus, also comes among as one of the leading PCB Design companies in India, with its major clients namely, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Bharat Electronics, ISRO, HAL etc.

Ranging from electronic systems & sub-system Design to Electronic manufacturing services (ESDM), the company offers manufacturing, PCB design and complete designing solutions in every aspect of Product Development and distribution. Argus offers varied services like Hardware design, PCB Assembly, PCB Manufacturing, etc., to name a few.

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PCB 4Design-Kart: With around 1,350 Products/Services released in the market, Design-Kart has earned its place in the leading PCB Design Companies in India. Leading its name for PCB design, Design-Kart provides a complete solution to PCB requirements across the world.

The company has its hands in PCB Manufacturing, PCB Designing, PCB CAM Work, PCB Reverse Engineering, etc., to provide a one-stop solution to every PCB-related need. The company has the best in class R&D set up to test the developed PCB works and also has a steady team of customer support to satisfy their customer’s every inquiry and doubts.

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PCB 5TronicsZone: TronicsZone is one of the leading PCB Design company in India with its more than 15+ years of work in this field and specifically specializes in embedded systems (hardware, firmware, and software).

Not just PCB designs but thus utilizing embedded processors or microcontrollers or FPGA. The company provides complete solutions starting from concept design & prototyping to completely organize the customers’ small & large volume production. TronicsZone is notably popular for making low-cost designs for manufacturing, with a minimum number of parts per board, while also providing a high quality of services and support.

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PCB 6Ensemble Tech: Primarily dealing in electronic design and as a manufacturing services provider, Ensemble Tech has made its name in the leading PCB Design Companies in India. Not just given their leadership in PCB, the company offers services and solutions aimed at customized electronic requirements, mostly based on embedded systems and associated technologies, it also provides solutions related to industrial IoT and wireless communication designs. They handle every stage of electronic product development from its schematics to the deployment of the design.

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PCB 7AV Elecauto: With a decade of experience in its hands, AV Elecauto deserves to be considered as the leading PCB Design companies of India. With their wide range of services offered including PCB design, the company provides high-tech PCB assembly and manufacturing services, they also can completely test the design at the board level and can program the firmware according to the customer’s requirements.

The wide variety of offerings provided by them includes Product Design, Development and Production (ODM / DFM), PCB Design and Layout, PCB Fabrication, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, Programming Devices (Components to Board Level), Conformal Coating, etc., among the few.

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PCB 8Infopower Technologies Limited (IPTL): Making its presence known, IPTL is North India’s largest and one of the very few PCB Design and Fabrication companies in India.

The popularity of its PCB Design has achieved its name in the leading PCB Design Companies in India. IPTL has made its name by providing top-notch PCB quality, optimal cost and on-time delivery of the project, thus serving the needs of both Indian customers as well as overseas markets. Being a well-known EMS company, Infopower is well equipped to handle the most complicated SMT technology as well as the traditional TH technology as they work with high mix and low volume customers.

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