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Peer Robotics- A Cobot Startup Redefining Humans Work

RisabhPeer Robotics is a collaborative mobile robotics company. Peer Robotics is designed to work with humans; mirroring workflows in manufacturing operations on repetitive tasks; saving time, increasing efficiencies, and reducing injuries. The company’s robots learn from humans in real-time allowing people on the shop floor to integrate and deploy solutions alongside them with a flexible design, out-of-box deployment, and low maintenance. During an interaction with Nitisha; Rishabh Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Peer Robotics explains the company’s specialty and its future strategies.

Kindly explain Peer Robotics and its special offerings.

Peer Robotics is a collaborative mobile robotics startup, building end-to-end material handling solutions for the small and medium-sized manufacturing industries around the world.

How does Peer Robotics differentiate from other robotic companies?

Peer Robotics is building mobile robots that can understand human feedback and learn from it in real-time. Allowing people on the shop floor to easily integrate and deploy the robot without any specialized training or software engineers.

What kind of challenges robotics industry is facing in terms of adoption?

While the need for automation is clear across the manufacturing industries, especially in the western economies facing labor shortages and rising expenses. The biggest challenge is the deployment of the robot. Existing solutions are still extremely expensive and complicated to work along with, thereby limiting their adoption to industries that can afford to dedicate team and resources towards automation.

Kindly talk about your latest launch.

With the latest round of investment, Peer Robotics will be expanding it’s team and efforts towards further expanding development towards human-robot interaction. Building systems that are more intuitive and simpler to work with.

How was the year 2020-21 in terms of business? What will be your future marketing strategy?

We believe robotics will be redefining how humans work and future lies in humans and robots working together and not fixed automation. Last year, we saw a great deal of interest from the North American Market as we continued to build our solutions. And we will continue to grow our presence and deploy more solutions across the North American SMEs (small and medium enterprises).  We will also continue to collaborate with system integrators across North America to help our customers adopt material handling solutions at an exponential pace.


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