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Pega Develops Pega Process AI Platform

Pegasystems has developed Pega Process AI – a new set of Pega Platform capabilities that help organizations optimize their business and customer operations in real-time.

PegaBy infusing self-optimizing AI and decision management into its low-code process automation software, Pega offers the only solution that can intelligently triage millions of incoming customer requests, transactions, and other events at an enterprise scale. This enables fast and effective event resolutions while helping to lower operating costs and simplify employee and customer experiences.

While some automation offerings have been enhanced with AI, they still can’t scale enough to analyze the massive streams of data signals being emitted from customers that can help organizations make smarter decisions.

Process AI turbocharges the value of process automation by applying powerful and proven real-time AI, event stream processing, machine learning, decisioning, and natural language processing (NLP) to any business process.

These capabilities analyze millions of streaming events and immediately make intelligent decisions so each case gets quickly resolved. Using hundreds of self-learning models, Process AI also streamlines inefficient processes on the fly to better optimize business outcomes.

This enables enterprises to more effectively and efficiently resolve events – and even anticipate issues before they arise – so they deliver the best possible customer and employee experiences.

As with all Pega AI capabilities, Process AI adheres to the tenets of Responsible AI. This helps ensure algorithms result in fair and balanced outcomes that avoid unintended bias.

Pega gives users more control over their AI by providing transparency settings to help companies mitigate potential risks and maintain regulatory compliance. Also, it provides robust self-learning capabilities that can handle outlier events when exposed to real-world circumstances.

Process AI is part of Pega Platform, a unified and open platform providing a seamless Center-out method for connecting operational processes with customer experiences. Using case management as the foundation, organizations can create applications fast with Pega’s low-code approach, empowering developers regardless of their skill level.

With the Pega Platform, users can achieve end-to-end automation with an enterprise-grade, low-code business automation platform that gets work done makes better decisions, and ultimately reduces cost, complexity, and uncertainty.


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