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Signify Creates Innovation in Lighting for Work from Home

Signify’s new up-down ‘Philips TwinGlow’ LED tube-light for homes provides both a bright white Work Mode down-light and a soothing ambient Relax Mode up-light in a single LED Batten.

The batten conforms to Signify’s EyeComfort standard, which measures products against a set of key comfort criteria: flicker, glare, stroboscopic effect, photo-biological safety, dimmable, tuning and color rendering – factors that can impact the comfort of users’ eyes.

As most consumers are currently working from home due to the pandemic, this first of its kind tube-light, is a perfect fit for homes without false ceiling where white light becomes the default choice.

 “Signify prides itself for always prioritizing the needs and the requirements of the customers and providing innovative and unique solutions for home lighting. While the LED Battens have already been a hit in the market, the launch of Philips TwinGlow is a step further in this endeavor, specifically for modern day consumers looking for cost effective lighting solutions,” said Sumit Joshi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Signify Innovations India. “We are hopeful that consumers will like the product that helps them switch modes suited to their requirements especially in the current scenario of Work from home, prevalent throughout the country.”

The 4 feet (1222 mm) long batten comes with crystal pearl white finish that subtly blends into the wall while its glistening mirror finish renders an elegant look. The automobile inspired Chrome Decal on the front adds a definite style statement that modern consumers will appreciate in their houses. This important innovative product is protected legally by means of patent applications, designs, trademark and a domain name.

Philips TwinGlow is available on leading e-commerce platforms and retail outlets throughout the country, and has two other variants to suit diverse needs of consumers: Aqua Blue up-light with a White (6500k) downlight; and another variant which has Yellow (3000k) colored up-light as well as downlight.


Nitisha Dubey

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