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Phoenics Electronics Now Offers Ampere Altra Processor

Phoenics Electronics has recently started offering Ampere Altra Processor in multiple configurations.

Phoenics ElectronicsPhoenics is the first worldwide distributor of Ampere’s server products and will be providing hardware and software technical sales and support, as well as multi-year service agreements.

“We are set to sell fully production qualified 1u/2u Ampere servers starting in June,” said Peter Rooks, President, Phoenics Electronics. “Customers now have a one-stop-shop for their server needs because we can provide integration of all the customized server components for a complete and easy to use ’out of the box experience. Our long history in supporting ARM processors will benefit our customers as they integrate this technology into their data centers.”

“Ampere Altra processors deliver predictable performance, large core density and power-efficient cores that are critical for Cloud Native workloads,” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere. “We’re excited to work with Phoenics to deliver a portfolio of cutting-edge server platforms and look forward to collaborating on future generations.”

“By adding high demand, leading-edge products coupled with software and hardware support, Phoenics will continue to expand into the high growth market space of cloud and data centers,” explained Rooks.

Altra processor-based servers can be configured utilizing Phoenics’ online Server Configurator, which creates exact-specification, built-to-order servers. The Server Configurator can be found on the home page of Phoenics’ new website.

The Ampere Altra processor family is purpose-built for cloud and edge computing workloads. The open-source and standards-compliant Altra processor leads the industry on core density by supporting 80 cores per device and power efficiency by delivering on the highest performance per watt metric.

This product offering will further Phoenics’ extended experience in the cloud, edge and enterprise market segments with a more diverse selection of leading technology.  Phoenics will be able to offer its core products to leverage the integration of the servers.


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