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Phoenix Contact Unveils DC Charging Cables for HPC

The liquid-cooled CCS charging cables reach permanent charging powers of up to 500 kW without compromising on handling and safety.

Phoenix Contact has released Charx connect DC charging cables for ultra-fast High Power Charging (HPC) that are now also available for the North American CCS type 1 charging standard.

Phoenix Contact Charging Cables HPCA comprehensive range of accessories rounds out the HPC system portfolio.

The liquid-cooled CCS charging cables reach permanent charging powers of up to 500 kW without compromising on handling and safety. With such power, the battery of electric vehicles can be recharged within just a few minutes.

With the optional panel feed-through, installing the charging cable on the charging station is quick and safe. The flexible charging cable, the rubberized handle area on the charging connector, and a separately available cable grip ensure comfortable handling.

As an extension, a passive cooling unit is also available that pumps environmentally friendly water-glycol coolant through the charging cable and charging connector during the charging process. The semi-open cooling circuit allows the coolant system to be refilled easily during maintenance work.

Furthermore, the intelligent HPC charging connectors provide numerous monitoring options for increased safety and transparency, as well as timely maintenance work: With the precise temperature measurement system with a total of five sensors, the charging process is safe and the intensity of the cooling system can be controlled efficiently and as required.

The integrated positioning and shock-sensor provide information on the current situation of the charging connector. A leakage sensor permanently monitors the interior of the charging connector for leaking coolant. The evaluation of this sensor data via the integrated CAN-bus interface enables a predictive, wear-friendly maintenance program to be implemented.

With the help of the separately available repair kits, the mating face and power contacts can be replaced during maintenance work without interrupting the cooling circuit, eliminating the need to replace the entire charging cable.


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