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Plantcruise to Support Plant Operations and Renewable Energy Production

More than 80% of Regreen Excel projects use Experion® PlantCruise DCS at present.

plantcruiseHoneywell has announced that Regreen Excel EPC India has deployed Honeywell’s PlantCruise by Experion DCS solution, modular systems and field instruments (FI) across its 40 plants in India.

Honeywell’s proven PlantCruise Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) technology is designed to efficiently meet the control system needs of various industrial applications. The technology helps to maximize users’ production uptime, improves safety, reliability, and efficiency, and reduces investments and operating costs.

“At Honeywell, we have pivoted towards the development of technologies that will shape the future of sustainability while enabling companies to adopt methods that deliver sustainable production. Our partnership with Regreen and Ditap-v Automation is a testimony of our technology prowess, working in-hand with local partners and our commitment to drive sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact in decarbonizing our customer’s production process,” said Ashish Gaikwad, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Process Solutions India.

Ethanol production is the new growing vertical in India. The National Policy of India on Biofuels 2018 provides an indicative target of 20% ethanol blending under the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme by 2025. Being part of this government initiative reinforces Honeywell’s commitment towards sustainability. Currently, Honeywell has supplied more than 100 DCS and field instruments across major distilleries across the country.

More than 80% of Regreen Excel projects use Experion® PlantCruise DCS at present. PlantCruise provides an integrated platform with comprehensive connectivity, advanced HMI and tools, and software enabled solutions delivering operational efficiencies and new business outcomes.

Sanjay Desai, chairman and managing director, Regreen Excel said, “Shifting towards renewable energy sources like ethanol and biofuels will help in building a greener planet. The need of the hour is to reduce carbon emissions and Honeywell’s robust portfolio of process technologies are built to optimize operations, improve efficiency and safety, and are enabling manufacturers to use energy more efficiently, improve environmental compliance, decrease emissions and enhance overall business performance with its automation solutions.”

M. Kariappa,managing director, Ditap-V Automation Pvt. Ltd mentioned, “Honeywell’s Experion® PlantCruise DCS technology helps optimize industrial performance and makes the manufacturing ecosystem robust and we are happy to collaborate with Honeywell to meet our customer needs”.


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