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PoE Trends 2020: Anuj Dhir, VP & Business Head, Wipro Lighting

With the emergence of IoT and Big Data, Smart and Connected digital lighting-based solutions are the way forward as they will bring in intelligence & functionality into lighting systems, enhance user experience and deliver desired outcomes for customers.

LED LightingThe technological advancements in the lighting domain have taken the world by storm. Today, smart lighting solutions based on innovation have emerged as the paramount forces that assist commercial businesses in increasing their overall productivity and efficiency with respect to the operations.

Intelligent lighting technology enabling users to control lighting through connected devices such as smart phones, tablets is the recent trend in the industry.

This upcoming technology is helping to enhance employee comfort, productivity and safety through personalized control of work spaces, enables performance tracking due to real-time updates on lighting system status. It also provides for historical data and analysis to continually improve operations and experiences, thus helping facility managers to gain insights and in turn manage spaces effectively.

Another upcoming trend to witness is the emergence of the importance of human centric lighting intended to promote a person’s well-being, mood and health. It can improve concentration, safety and efficiency in workplaces or educational environments. By changing color of light and/or intensity of light, workspaces are willing to provide bio-dynamic light based on human circadian rhythm for increased employee concentration, cognitive performance, alertness and in general well-being.

As a leader in Lighting Solutions, we have always made sure that we provide our customers with the Gold Standard in Lighting Innovation. Design & Innovation have become a way of life at Wipro and cutting-edge work is happening on new products and new technologies. Internet of Lighting (IoL) is our first step in that direction in offering our customers best of breed solutions in Lighting & beyond.

Wipro Lighting’s alliances with International Technology companies will usher a new revolution in work-lives. We have collaborated with Cisco for providing Power over Ethernet (PoE) based human- centric lighting solutions for new age workspaces to enable improvement in workspace productivity and enhanced employee well-being.

Power over Ethernet, also known as PoE, is one such smart lighting solution that uses high-quality LED luminaires along with analogue and digital controls to provide an appropriate lighting effect. It facilitates network deployment and uses network cables instead of common electrical wiring to carry the electrical power. Savings on energy, ease of operations, personalization, and formulation of a connected network are some of the major benefits associated with PoE.

Furthermore, PoE also enables the scope of a customizable environment and is recognized as a perfect fit for a variety of modern institutions.

Here are some of the application areas where PoE will leverage multiple benefits in the upcoming year.

  1. Smart offices

Lighting conditions of a workplace are known to affect the mood and behaviour of the people. While dull and low lighting can make people feel lethargic, the right lighting conditions can make them feel energized and attentive. Since PoE ensures better lighting conditions and savings on the utility bills, it becomes one of the best smart lighting solutions for office spaces. Moreover, it also allows smart devices in an office space to work cohesively. This helps in the development of a connected system that eventually helps offices to gain a precise control over their operations and total energy usage.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare units use a highly complex system of connected devices and consume a significant amount of energy. This increases their total expenditure and eventually makes good healthcare facilities a costly affair. However, integration of PoE can largely benefit the healthcare units as well as the public. A PoE lighting setup uses smart sensors that ensure personalized lighting conditions with apt intensity and colours to enhance the overall comfort levels.

  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is another industry vertical that has acknowledged digitization in operations. According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, a manufacturing plant is one of the places that can benefit the most with PoE lighting as it encourages IT integration. It is considered as a truly networked solution that can connect to IoT networks, server networks, and broader building automation initiatives to make the overall system communication easy.

Furthermore, PoE lighting solutions can also be used in smart home automation and a variety of other sectors like education, event management, etc.

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