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Power Integrations Unveils Qspeed Silicon Diodes

Power Integrations has released its 600 V 12 A Qspeed diode, delivering the industry’s lowest reverse recovery charge (Qrr) for a silicon diode.

PIWith a Qrr of just 14 nC at 25 °C, it improves the efficiency of the PFC stage of onboard chargers and significantly reduces the thermals of the PFC MOSFETs.

Edward Ong, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Power Integrations said: “The Qrr of these new Qspeed diodes is half that of the next best ultra-fast silicon diodes, resulting in very high system efficiency. This is particularly important for automotive on-board charger applications that require higher switching frequency to reduce volume and weight, and enables the Qspeed diodes to replace SiC devices.”

The AEC-Q101-qualified QH12TZ600Q offers the same low-switching loss performance as silicon carbide (SiC) device without the disadvantages of moving to more expensive technology.

Power Integrations Automotive-Qualified Qspeed Silicon Diodes Feature Lowest Qrr for Efficient, High-Switching-Speed Designs. These 600 V 12 A diodes can replace SiC components in automotive applications.

The QH12TZ600Q uses merged PiN and Schottky diode technology to achieve high performance.

Its smooth reverse recovery current transition characteristics not only increase efficiency but also reduce EMI and peak reverse voltage stress, eliminating the need for snubbers when used as output rectifiers in onboard chargers.

Devices are available in the compact, 2.5 kV isolated TO-220 package which enables direct mounting to metal heat sinking, facilitating excellent thermal performance.


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