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Pressure Sensors And State-Of-The-Field


Pressure is one of important quantities in the environment like temperature, humidity etc even the human can’t sense it directly in our normal life domain. However, the pressure sensor has good and enough sensitivity to measure the few Pascal of pressure changing (i.e 1Pa = 8cm altitude change) even if you can’t feel the difference of pressure when you move up or down and sensing of pressure sensor can be used to provide significant information for our life in various applications and the usage of pressure sensing is becoming more diverse in different application domains from Automotive to Consumer markets.

According to latest market analysis report, global pressure sensor market is being growth CAGR of  7.3% over the forecast period 2018 to 2023 and it’s expected to 6.7B USD in Y2023 from 4.4B USD in Y2019 and its market is being driven by mainly automotive segment with high pressure range sensor but consumer market segment shows the fastest growth market for pressure sensor from Y2013 when pressure sensor started to be used in mobile phone and portable application and there are more new applications are coming with pressure sensor to user and the market will be more growth and diverse application is coming to us with pressure sensor.

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