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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Proctur Provides One-Stop-Solution for Education

Nishant AgarwalA Noida based startup, Proctur is a pioneer in digitization of educational institutes. The company provides end to end digitization solution to enable tutors/trainers/coaching institutes to sell courses online, teach live online, conduct exams online and manage the coaching institutes. While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech, Nishant Agarwal, Founder, explains its latest offerings and market value.

  1. Kindly brief us about Proctur and how is it different from other edtech companies?

Proctur is market’s only one-stop-solution for digitizing educational institutes of any type. It is highly affordable to remain accessible to a majority of the country’s population. Proctur has several innovative features supporting academic and non-academic institutions. The company is unwavering focus on mass digitization of education to revolutionize the way educators educate and learners learn. Proctur is empowering educators to build their business by providing them tech tools to monetize their content/video lectures/courses. It provides best-in-class features to enable educational institutes or schools to scale their ventures. A free website for educators is another super feature that helps educators to strengthen their online presence.

  1. According to you, how is the demand for e-learning in India and what will be upcoming growth?

The e-learning industry has grown tremendously during the pandemic. It stood at $18.66 billion in 2019 is expected to reach a whopping $350 Billion by 2025! These figures show how steep the growth trajectory has been for the industry. Even though many of the educational institutions picked up e-learning as the last resort, having now grown wise to its benefits, they’re planning to continue with it – even in the post-pandemic era. The edtech startup industry is witnessing a boom like never before and it is helping to connect students and teachers all over the world despite the geographical limitations. E-learning has kick-started a long-overdue revolution in our education system and since the government is taking a keen interest in taking e-learning to the rural areas of the country, this revolution will only grow stronger with time.

  1. How was the year 2019-2020 in terms of business? What will be your future marketing strategy?

2019-2020 was terrific in terms of business. The company witnessed a 200% growth Month on Month in terms of number of clients. Entire education ecosystem saw an improved adoption of technology. Not only education but other sectors as well embraced technology and digital mode of operation. Our future marketing strategy in future is to acquire a larger customer base in rural India and globally through in-bound marketing.

  1. What will be your upcoming project? Kindly explain.

We Aim to be a Super App for the educational ecosystem, catering to their educational and non -educational needs! In five years from now, Proctur will impact each stakeholder in the education domain – including students, teachers, admins, school principals or the government bodies. We will provide services that will address the non-educational needs of the students as well. With the help of AI-based Proctoring solutions, Proctur will maintain the integrity of exams in India.

  1. Kindly explain your Tech tools for educators to monetize their content/video lectures/courses.

Proctur comes with a feature packed E-store through which educators can use to monetize their video lectures/courses. It comes with in-built payment integration, discount and offer management system and is integrated with the course management for seamless experience.

  1. During COVID-19 what were your strategies to be viable in the market?

During COVID-19 actually demand for product increased multi-folds and to cope up with that we ramped up our technical capabilities and also increased the strength of our customer support team to guide our customers to go online and build their institutes online.

  1. What is your point of view about revenue generation?

We are currently not focusing on revenue generation. Our aim to build a larger customer base in India and we are proving to be a great support system for our clients in this pandemic.

  1. Talk about your future plans and funds raising.

We are a seed funded company and are actively looking for fund raising. Having established a strong presence in 125 cities in the country, Proctur is now targeting the rural markets in India. The brand is planning to expand its footprint in Asian and European countries as well.


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