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Pulse Energy to Unveil WhatsApp EV Charger Bot with WATI

WATI has built a custom automated flow for Pulse Energy, using its low code flow builder and out-of-the-box integration with WhatsApp payments.

WATI has partnered with Pulse Energy to build WhatsApp based EV Charger Bot.

WhatsApp WATI has built a custom automated flow for Pulse Energy, using its low code flow builder and out-of-the-box integration with WhatsApp payments.

According to the IVCA-EY-Induslaw report, EVs account for 1.1 percent of total vehicle sales and are expected to account for 39 percent of total automotive sales by CY27.

However, there are only 1,742 charging stations at present and the number is expected to increase to 100,000 units by 2027 to meet growing demand. At present, the EV charging process is primarily app driven and a large majority of these users are non-English speakers.

To align itself with India’s EV mission and accelerate growth, Pulse Energy launched a project to decipher how to reduce the cognitive load required to start and stop any charging station across the country.

WATI powered Pulse Energy to introduce a simple chat-based conversation over WhatsApp to start, stop and pay for charging. Merchants can easily initiate a payment request as a WhatsApp message to their customers and get real-time notifications when payments are made by integrating WhatsApp Payments into WATI’s platform.

The ability to automatically initiate payment requests to customers through a chatbot truly makes WATI an end-to-end WhatsApp API for SMBs.

Commenting on the partnership Bianca Ho, Co-Founder & COO WATI said, “We launched WATI with the vision to help businesses interact with their customers where they are on messaging platforms. Our end-to-end Whatsapp API solution for SMBs empowers WATI users to engage with their users in real-time, in a personalized and easy-to-connect manner. Merchants can now build chatbots without coding, from easy-to-replicate templates. With the power to create new flows in a matter of minutes, WATI’s flow builder made it possible for Pulse Energy to improve customer experience and conversion rates.”

“We have built India’s first WhatsApp-based EV charging platform. Now EV drivers can simply scan the QR code and pay using WhatsApp to start the charger. WATI’s flow builder has been instrumental in helping us activate WhatsApp payments for our users, enabling them to easily transact, without having to load up money into 35+ charging station apps,” said Devang Mistry, Co-Founder Pulse Energy.


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