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Pune Based Startup E42 Offers the High Impact AI Solutions

Animesh Samuel, Co-founder and CEO, E42 talks about emerging trends in workforce automation.

Animesh-SamuelE42 offers end-to-end automation to enterprises ranging from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and startups across sectors: from automobile majors and pharmaceutical giants to BFSI, telecom, and new-age unicorns. By maximizing efficiencies and scalability while minimizing complexities and costs, E42 is disrupting the enterprise automation space to deliver a seamless user experience. During an exclusive interaction with Nitisha; Animesh Samuel, Co-founder & CEO, E42 talks about emerging trends in workforce automation. He also shares the company’s best offerings and marketing plans.

Kindly explain E42 and its special offerings.

E42 is a no-code cognitive process automation (CPA) platform to build AI co-workers that automate various enterprise processes. These AI workers include AI Analysts, AI Recruiters, AI HR Executives, AI Business Development Executives, and more – building enterprise cognition.

It combines deep tech in AI NLP with a powerful UI that empowers subject matter experts to easily create an AI workforce that automates processes across enterprise verticals and functions at scale. The platform proves that the assumption that cognition rests only within humans and only robotic processes can be automated is no longer true.

Enterprises are automating various functions ranging from HR, recruitment, customer service, finance, legal, IT operations, and more – but in silos. With E42, all this can be triggered from a single omnichannel channel interface (across web/WhatsApp/Microsoft Teams/etc.) in natural language from anywhere!

How it define itself differently from other automation companies?

The main difference between E42 and any other platform is what we call “All for one and one for all”. This means that every AI worker built on the platform can be clubbed with other AI workers built on the platform. For the enterprise, it means intelligence can be leveraged like never before. For e.g., based on the interaction of the AI customer care exec, the AI marketing Analyst can suggest changes in their campaign messaging. Or on the learnings from the AI recruiter, AI HR exec, AI IT services manager, etc. all catering to the same employees, the enterprise can better predict attrition, employee wellness, etc.

The other USPs of E42 lie in the fact that it’s a no-code platform, with multifunctional capabilities, provides an omnichannel interface, and is extremely easy to manage, unlike other technology-specific platforms that are heavily dependent on coding. To elaborate – being a no-code platform, E42 requires no scripting and can be quickly deployed. Its ability to process both structured and unstructured data adds to its uniqueness that also comes from the fact that each AI worker built on the platform can co-work with other AI workers as well as with humans. With drag and drop APIs, the flexibility to be deployed on-prem or on any cloud makes it extremely easy to manage and scale use cases on the fly. With a well-thought-through partnership network in place, E42 equips SIs and OEMs with AI capabilities and enables them to compete with industry leaders like Yellow ai, Leena ai, et al.

Kindly explain your latest project and how it can be beneficial for industry leaders and the environment also?

We recently automated the marketing analysis process for major Indian multinational IT services and consulting company. Built on E42, the AI Marketing Analyst that we deployed for them, provides comprehensive and in-depth information, metrics, and analytics for researched data, helping in the accurate assessment of business environments. With the data-driven insights so generated, the customer has witnessed significantly enhanced business outcomes.

Organizations, irrespective of their size and scale can leverage the capabilities of our AI Marketing Analyst quicker and more accurate insights, augmenting the ROI on their research. The AI Marketing Analyst (or any AI worker built on E42) makes the process more environment friendly by reducing carbon footprint with a lesser number of machines (laptops/computers) used, saved electricity, and more as it replaces multiple humans.

Also every AI worker today reduces carbon footprint, by eliminating paper needs as enterprise systems can connect to each other and even personal devices directly and reduces the need for humans to travel to work!

Kindly highlight the emerging trends in workforce automation.

Workforce automation is redefining how enterprises work – bridging the gap that is created when processes are automated in silos. We are witnessing significantly higher levels of AI adoption in several verticals such as manufacturing, financial industry, retail, government, and IT. If we consider the ongoing trends, the enterprise workforce by the year 2040 will be almost unrecognizable. With a workforce of AI workers that can work across functions, automating the entire enterprise with utmost precision and accuracy at each level – the future of enterprise is smarter, faster, and, more intelligent. Cybersecurity is another area where AI and machine learning can reduce or even eliminate human intervention with their ability to analyze a colossal amount of data sets in just a short time. An AI cybersecurity officer can be the solution to security breaches, otherwise impossible to be tackled.

Kindly throw some light on E42 use cases, clients, and expanding partner ecosystem.

The range of AI workers built on E42 can automate various functions including employee-centric processes like leave application, leave approvals, attendance regularization, payslip generation, etc. in employee-centric processes and customer-centric processes like lead generation, discovery, support, ticket generation, and much more. What’s interesting is that one AI worker can also contribute to other major enterprise functions including customer service, HR, marketing, finance, legal, IT, et al – you name a task and our AI worker can do just that and more.

When it comes to bringing cognitive automation to enterprises, a major challenge faced by SIs and OEMs is the lack of expertise across verticals and processes. A partner ecosystem like that of E42’s allows for SMEs, OEMs, SIs, and other technically sound organizations to collaborate with us, as the CPA experts and bring in automation in their area of expertise – building multifunctional AI agents on a single platform. What’s beneficial for the partners and is making the arrangement thrive is that they get to accelerate their cognitive capabilities, stay relevant in the world of AI, and most importantly, tap on uncharted revenue-generation opportunities.

Some of the clients and partners: Accenture, Mahindra and Mahindra, Freecharge, Tata Telecommunication, Freecharge, South Indian Bank, Adrenalin, I Learning Engines, Comviva, Finance Tech Unlimited.

What kind of Disruptive technology is involved in E42?

E42 combines the power of AI and Natural language Processing with over 42 proprietary algorithms– making machines smarter and enabling them to converse with us as well as with each other in a uniform language. Any kind of disruption happens when multiple technologies come together – something that we are seeing today. For example, the IoT clubbed with 5G and AI will create a world that is faster, smarter, and better informed.

What will be your future marketing strategies for the growth of the business?

We are providing a one-month free trial for enterprises that are interested in adopting AI workers but are skeptical about their effectiveness. Organizations with a ‘digital first’ approach or businesses with a ‘digital transformation’ initiative in place can opt for the free trial and measure the effectiveness of AI workers. This is one of the strategies that we have built keeping in mind the growth of the platform as well as the interest of our potential customers.

We will be launching a big marketing initiative in the next quarter… watch this space!


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