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BIS TECHNOVATORS | EV Evolution, the Biggest Turnaround for the Future Logistics Industry

Pushkar Singh, CEO & Co-founder, LetsTransportBangalore based tech- logistics solution provider for intrastate freight deliveries, LetsTransport is one of the largest urban logistics service providers in India. LetsTransport offers customized logistics solutions for clients, along with other value-added services such as screened drivers, audited and GPS-enabled vehicles, point-to-point billing, status updates, 24×7 service, and greater efficiency, all at transparent and economical pricing, which acts as its speciality. During an interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech, Pushkar Singh, CEO & Co-founder, LetsTransport elaborating that the next big trend in logistics will be the adoption of electric trucks. EV evolution has already started and that will be one of the biggest turnaround for the logistics industry in our country.

1. Please share details about LetsTransport and its speciality?

LetsTransport is a tech-logistics solution provider for intrastate freight deliveries. Founded in 2015, it is one of the largest urban logistics service providers in India. With its aim to improve the livelihood and work environment of the urban trucking community along with improving the efficiency of the sector the firm has on-boarded more than 85,000 LCV truckers at National level to date. Currently, the firm is catering to urban logistics operations of 17 cities in India by working across industry sectors such as organized retail, FMCG, e-commerce, distribution and 3PL companies. Some of its clients include Amazon, Bisleri, JioMart, JSW Cements, Pidilite, Britannia, Coca-Cola, Delhivery, and Udaan.

2. How LetsTransport different from India’s other intra-city logistics provider?

As our tagline says, ‘Logistics, but better’, we have always strived at making ourselves different from other usual logistics providers. Local intra-city logistics providers cannot provide a service that outstands the rest. We at LetsTransport have always worked towards adding features that make it simpler for truckers to transact through our application directly, without any hassles. Logistics industry, despite being one of the largest in our country, is very unorganised and with evolving consumer behaviour, last-mile logistics has become a bigger challenge and we at LetsTransport are trying to solve it through our platform.

3. Which sectors are your pivotal focus and Indian market strategies?

Our target market is niche and B2B focused so we never had to go all out with our marketing, demand has always been incoming for us. We operate in a sector which has not seen the presence of any large organized players because it is not possible to build a business with such a fragmented network with no technology. We have been able to successfully create a value proposition which is so attractive for our customers, that they want to work with us, as the only alternative they have is to work with a multitude of different vendors across different cities, creating massive operational issues and inefficiencies.

If we talk about the market demands today, we can say that there has been a shift with the increase in digital penetration and Covid has also accelerated the rate at which enterprises are moving towards working with more organized players.

4. Please share future marketing plans and upcoming projects?

Tapping on the increased demand, we are planning to elevate our pan India presence and are looking forward to investing heavily in technology enhancement, diversification in electric vehicles. We are constantly upgrading ourselves with new technologies like EVs and implementation of tech-enabled modules for onboarding of truckers without any human interference. We are a technology company at heart and we want to eliminate all the human hurdles of logistics. That said, we have a few expansion plans in the pipeline that we are expecting to roll out very soon.

5. The impact of Covid-19 on logistics providers? How do you tackle such issues?

Logistics industry initially slowed down like every industry because no one had any clue of what would happen next and how to adapt to these changes. The initial few days of the lockdown were full of uncertainty as there was no clarity on what was going to happen next. But slowly things started to change as the government started making its policies clear to the industry and things became clear to everyone. In the initial weeks only essential good movements were allowed but June onwards we started seeing all industries restarting and movements happening as per normal. While there were no playbooks back then to help us guide through the situation, we are confident that technology implementation into every aspect of our business and operations will be critical to tackle such events, and that is what helped us get through the situation as well.

6. Apart from India, which market are you looking for in future?

We believe that we still have a lot to offer in the Indian market, being one of the leading logistics players here. That said, we surely will think about expanding ourselves with time to other geographies as well.

7. Lastly, major trends you see catapulting and dominating the technology innovation in coming time?

Modernisation and Automation are now getting into almost every industry and Logistics is also not untouched, in fact, Logistics per se has been the most difficult industry to implement technological changes, but companies like LetsTransport have transformed the whole domain of logistics. The next big trend in logistics will be the adoption of electric trucks. EV evolution has already started and that will be one of the biggest turnaround for the logistics industry in our country.


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