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PwC Launches DAMS; New Generation Intelligent Automation Platform

New solution eliminates 90% of labour costs and ensures highly available IT systems and processes


PwC India launched the Digital Asset Management Solution (DAMS), a next-generation intelligent automation platform that enables smarter, agile and more efficient management of IT infrastructure, applications and processes.

DAMS delivers a single, unified interface for automating an enterprise’s IT operations that includes monitoring, event handling, ticketing and remediation. Designed to support a multi-cloud environment, the solution incorporates deep domain knowledge, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to take proactive, precise and intelligent actions to keep businesses running at peak performance.

Ashotoosh Chand, Partner, Digital Services, PwC India said, “Most organisations today are moving from a cloud-first to a cloud-only strategy to reap the benefits of enhanced speed, efficiency and reduced costs. DAMS is strategically designed to cater to these new requirements of customers. With an in-built, machine learning based engine, DAMS enables companies to focus on growing their business, as we ensure highly available IT systems with a focus on automatically managing and securing their core IT assets.”

This solution incorporates multiple features that enable enterprise IT transformation including:

  • Automated monitoring, incident management and problem management
  • Customisable levels of automation
  • Executive, multi-level, multi-cloud dashboards
  • 100+ ready-to-deploy automation templates for common recurring incidents
  • Integration with ITSM tools for complete lifecycle automation
  • Ticket enrichment and prioritisation for problem tickets
  • Multi-channel support through AI chatbots, email, IVR, SMS, etc.

With DAMS, PwC India’s clients have witnessed significant benefits such as an improvement in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) by almost 5X and reduction in L1 support costs in excess of 30%.

DAMS is part of PwC India’s Neomegha portfolio of solutions that are targeted at enabling enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.

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