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Qlik adhere CGI Commitment to Address Global Water Scarcity Issues

Qlik adhere CGI Commitment

Amidst of the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting, Qlik a leader in visual analytics, and its CEO Lars Björk, announced a new multi-year CGI Commitment to Action to address water availability and quality issues across the globe.

Qlik and its partners will collaborate on a ground breaking comprehensive visualization dashboard leveraging the Qlik analytics platform to unite historical big data, real-time information, on-the-ground reportage, and public engagement.

Qlik’s commitment, “Groundwater: Data to Drive Action Toward Sustainability,” was selected as an exemplary approach to aggregating data on an open, visual platform that will impact important global decisions that underpin food abundance or shortages, energy production or shut-down, and tranquility or friction among people.

According to The World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2015, “water crises” rank as the top global risk of greatest impact and are emerging as serious threats to people, business, the environment, and political stability across the world.

Commenting on the latest initiative, Lars Björk, CEO at Qlik said, “Qlik is proud to be a member of CGI and to work with our partners to lead an initiative to support some of the most important decisions facing our planet around the availability or lack of fresh water.” “Our capacity to respond is in doubt unless we dig deep into the connections and combine the best of reporting, data gathering, and participation to understand the whole story of the challenges and responses.  We need to activate the best, most creative thinking to understand and respond.  We’re excited to help identify opportunities to advance the solutions to the challenges facing our world.”

Circle of Blue, the team of award-winning journalists and researchers reporting on water and worldwide resource issues, has been a Qlik “Change Our World” grant customer for five years.  Last year, Circle of Blue and Qlik teamed up to produce a data dashboard that visualizes current and past levels of California water reservoirs to support the White House Climate Data Initiative.

“We face a time when climate change is stressing our water, food and energy systems, causing billions of dollars of disruptions and testing human and ecological resilience globally,” said J. Carl Ganter, managing director of Circle of Blue and member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Water.  “In the current era of mass data streaming and unprecedented data flow, we simply cannot afford to keep the realities of today’s environmental challenges locked in static documents or silo’d collections.”  Ganter is recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation Centennial Innovation Award for combining compelling narratives with strategic data.

Qlik’s CGI commitment partners include Circle of Blue, Columbia Water Center, University of California Irvine, Pacific Institute, and social media data support from Twitter.  Qlik will provide visual data dashboards driven by Qlik Sense, a public deployment infrastructure leveraging the Qlik Cloud, and large scale data management, acquisition, and sharing capabilities through Qlik Data Market.


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