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Qorvo QPF7219 Wi-Fi Integrated Front End Module, Now at Mouser

Mouser Electronics has now stocked the QPF7219 integrated front end module (iFEM) from Qorvo. Providing reliable, whole-home coverage when designed into Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) systems, the QPF7219 iFEM combines Qorvo’s advanced bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter technology with its unique edgeBoost capability to almost double Wi-Fi range and triple capacity to handle more devices.

QorvoThe Qorvo QPF7219 Wi-Fi 6 iFEM, available from Mouser Electronics, integrates a 2.4 GHz power amplifier (PA) optimized for a 5 V supply voltage, which saves power while maintaining high linear output power.

The BAW filter’s edgeBoost capability maximizes output power at channels close to the band edge, achieve excellent throughput across all Wi-Fi channels 1–11 without needing to reduce transmit power to meet FCC regulatory limits.

The module also includes a bypassable low noise amplifier, regulator, and transmit-receive switch. The device offers 5 GHz rejection for dual-band dual-concurrent (DBDC) operation, as well as integrated die-level filtering for second and third harmonics.

The QPF7219 iFEM is ideal for a range of connectivity solutions, including wireless routers, access points, residential gateways, Wi-Fi customer premises equipment, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. For development, Mouser also stocks the QPF7219EVB-01 evaluation board.

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