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Quad-Row Board-to-Board Connectors Available!

molex-mouserMouser Electronics has stocked the Quad-Row board-to-board connectors from Molex. The Quad-Row board-to-board connectors feature a staggered circuit layout and a 0.175 mm pitch low-profile design for a 30% space savings over conventional connectors.

These patent-pending connectors offer product developers and device manufacturers greater freedom and flexibility to support compact form factors, making them ideal for augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), automotive, communications, IoT, medical and wearable applications.

The Quad-Row board-to-board connectors adhere to the 3.0 A current rating, enabling high power in a compact form factor. Additionally, the product aligns with the standard soldering pitch of 0.35mm to expedite volume manufacturing using typical surface mount technology (SMT) processes. Reliable, robust performance is assured, thanks to interior armor and insert-molded power nail, which safeguards pins from damage during volume manufacturing and assembly. These capabilities, along with a wide alignment, facilitate easy, secure mating and low fallout rates.

“Molex continually drives connectivity innovations in support of increasingly smaller yet more powerful devices,” said Justin Kerr, Vice President and General Manager, Micro Solutions Business Unit, Molex. “With the high-density, Quad-Row board-to-board connectors, our customers now can squeeze more features, sensors and functionality into increasingly tight spaces without compromising device performance. As a result, Molex is setting a new connectivity standard for space optimization.”

The Molex Quad-Row board-to-board connectors are available in 32- and 36-pin configurations with 20- and 64-pin configurations coming soon. Plans are underway to support up to 100-pin counts. Applications include smartphones, wearable devices, IoT and smart home devices, AR/VR devices, drones, patient monitoring systems, therapeutic and surgical equipment and more.


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