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Quantum Presents Scalar Ransom Block for Cybersecurity

Quantum Corporation has introduced Scalar Ransom Block to protect against ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks.

Quantum Quantum’s Scalar Ransom Block is an industry-first feature of Quantum’s Scalar tape systems that eliminates the risk of data being accessed or compromised over the network.

“The threat of ransomware and other forms of cyber-attacks is one of the chief concerns of our customers,” says Jamie Lerner, Chairman and CEO of Quantum. “Tape storage systems are a critical part of building cyber-resilient infrastructures, both for large archives and as part of a comprehensive data protection strategy. However, even data stored on tapes can be compromised if the tape library itself is hacked, which is why we designed these new features in partnership with a large cloud provider. Quantum Scalar Ransom Block is an industry-first solution that ensures data is protected and secure with a click of a button and provides the ultimate layer of protection for data stored on tape.”

This patent-pending feature creates a hardware “block” between data stored on tapes and every network-connected device including the robotic tape system, as shown in short video.

Quantum’s patent-pending design partially ejects the magazine so the tapes cannot be selected by the robot until an operator physically re-inserts the magazine. Because the magazine is only partially ejected, the barcode scanner on the robot can still scan the tape barcodes, so that system administrators can perform periodic audits of the tape system to ensure tapes are still present.

In addition, Quantum has introduced Logical Tape Blocking, which enables administrators to use software commands to prevent tapes from being loaded into a drive while the magazine is being filled with tapes before it is ejected. Although still software-based and not a physical blocking mechanism, this new capability further reduces the risk window until Ransom Block is initiated.

Ransom Block and Logical Tape Blocking are the latest innovations that are part of a comprehensive security framework that make Scalar tape systems to be one of the most secure tape storage systems on the market.


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