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Quantum StorNext Deployed by Studio FAMU

Quantum announced that Studio FAMU has deployed a Quantum storage solution consisting of Quantum StorNext scale-out file storage, a Scalar tape archive and integrated media library asset management.

The platform delivers scalable, centralized storage with simple, remote access to files while providing long-term preservation of student work. The implementation serves as an example of Quantum’s leadership storing and managing video.

“The Quantum StorNext solution enables us to centralize our storage, provide easy access to files, and enforce some discipline for the use of storage as part of the creative process,” noted Ondřej Šejnoha, Director, Studio FAMU.

 “With the StorNext file system and the integrated MAM system, students can access their work wherever they are—at home or the pub—from any kind of device. They can see files, make changes, and show their work to other people who need to see it,” says Šejnoha. “Professors can also view and evaluate work remotely. It’s much more convenient than moving around flash drives or external hard drives in a backpack.”

Remote access to work proved to be essential when the corona virus pandemic reached Europe. “We’ve been very happy to have the Quantum solution during this challenging time. With Quantum’s StorNext solution, it’s very easy to share anything with students, professors, and other organizations—wherever they are in the world,” says Šejnoha.

Centralizing content helps Studio FAMU protect the projects in which students invest so much of their time, and Scalar Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) capabilities help ensure that data remains available for years to come. This modern approach also enables Studio FAMU to implement consistent policies. “Storage is a necessary part of the whole production process. Students can’t jump over storage,” says Šejnoha. “With the StorNext solution, we can make sure students are no longer hiding data somewhere. They learn the importance of proper storage behavior, which they’ll need in the real world.”


Nitisha Dubey

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