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Quantum Unveils Object Storage Services & Software

Quantum Corporation has declared two breakthrough software and storage services aimed at organizations generating, storing, and managing huge amounts of data.

Quantum Quantum is introducing ActiveScale Cold Storage, a new class of storage that combines advanced object store software with hyper scale tape technology to provide secure, highly durable, and extremely low-cost storage for archiving cold data.

“Quantum is fast becoming the world leader in hyperscale cold data storage solutions. We now provide solutions to many of the world’s biggest hyperscale cloud providers that are on the forefront of building ‘forever’ cold data archives,” said Jamie Lerner, chairman and CEO, Quantum. “The innovations announced today enable us to combine Quantum hyper scale tape architectures with Quantum software, package all of this technology as a cloud service that can be deployed anywhere and offer it to enterprises and cloud providers who are facing the same challenges as hyperscalers.”

“Storage capacity in the enterprise is expected to grow by 30%1 annually, driven by increased digitization and data-driven business initiatives,” said Andrew Smith, research manager, Cloud Infrastructure Services, IDC. “It is estimated that 60%1 of this data will be cold, which is why we are seeing growing adoption of cold storage solutions and services. The right cold storage strategy can help enterprises manage the gap between data growth and infrastructure budgets while addressing concerns around security and compliance.”

In addition, Quantum is offering a new line of fully managed Object Storage Services to bring the cloud experience to wherever data lives and accelerate digital transformation.

These new offerings reduce cold storage costs by 80%, enable organizations to maintain control of their most valuable data assets, and unlock value in cold data over years and decades without expensive access fees.

The world has entered a new era of data, as the quantity of unstructured data generated globally continues to grow exponentially. The gap between data growth and storage budgets is widening, and it is estimated that 60%1 of the data generated will be “cold” – inactive data that must be stored, protected, and remain accessible for years or decades because of compliance requirements and the immense value it contains. With traditional storage architectures, most organizations don’t have the budget, footprint, or resources to handle this data explosion, forcing them to make operational or budget tradeoffs.


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