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R&M Solutions claims to fame by Helping Data Centers in saving precious Energy

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BANGALORE, India, December 11, 2013: R&MinteliPhy, an intelligent infrastructure management system from the stables of R&M, a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks claims to fame by reducing the energy consumption in the data centers by virtue of cutting down network energy needs to a scale as much as ten percent, approximately.  Based on the experience of a few of R&M customers’, up to 40 percent of all switch ports simply ‘disappear’ over time with the reason being that they are either  forgotten in the documentation or their status is not correctly recorded. They stay put as unused capital and hence leads to unproductive energy – consumption.

All said and done, an alternate way to boost efficiency in data centers seems to lie with the R&MinteliPhy intelligent infrastructure management system for this innovation from the R&M banner enables the user to monitor all ports, cables, connectors and components of a network in real time.

In this regard, one can try and look at the same this way around that, If the user at hand has a full overview and total control over the physical infrastructure, then the user shall automatically use it more efficiently while keeping the operating  capacities the user really needs while Energy and material consumption can be optimized yet again.

Also, the R&M cabling system for data centers thrusts these efforts towards energy efficiency.  As for Illustration’s sake: the Cat. 6A technology from R&M shortens the length of cable links. That way, users have to store fewer cables in raised floors and in the process, not only save on factors concerning material and resources but also improve air circulation. This in turn saves basic energy.

Added to all of these, servers and switches require less transmission power when links are short and signal transmission remains undisturbed and they do not heat up as much, therefore less cooling power is required and consequently less energy. The R&M cabling system is also optimized for 10GBASE-T low power mode, a mode which is increasingly used in network cards for servers.

RdM Datacenter Anwendungen

 If this being not enough, then Unshielded WARP cabling from R&M also tends to come across as another way for data centers to make improvisations and cost – effective forays unto ever expansive lap of the Technological arena. Equipped with its small cross section, this cable is 17 percent thinner than conventionally shielded installation cables. Less space is occupied by cables and raceways, so air circulation is improved and energy is saved. This same effect is achieved with high density products from R&M’s line involving extremely dense distributor and connector systems.

Beyond the parameters of issues and challenges concerned with product advances, R&M intends and views its as its company thrust to provide even more information on ways and means to save energy for all employees, customers as well as partners’ sake in the future. The Writing on the wall reads that R&M already shares its expertise with customers to help them plan data centers or structured building cabling. In the training involving the Qualified Partner Program and with the newly implemented Data Center Manual, planners and installers learn as how to apply R&M’s comprehending and prioritizing of quality in practical ways, in the first place. The bottom-line being that R&M views it as a niche thrust upon themselves on the task involving the designing of a cabling system from the proverbial scratch for energy efficient operations.


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