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Rackspace set to offer managed cloud services


Rackspace has introduced a new managed service model, which will deliver public cloud services and will help businesses and developers in designing, managing, scaling and growing their cloud operations. Along with this the company also showcased ‘developer+’ a new programme for developers. This programme will provide all the important services required for building scalable applications. The programme will also allow the developers to sample Rackspace Managed Cloud services and Fanatical Support.

Graham Weston, Rackspace co-founder and CEO, said, “The cloud market is evolving. More customers are looking for a trusted partner with specialised expertise to help manage their cloud. Rackspace is ideally positioned to lead this Managed Cloud segment of the market. Our new service levels will help businesses tap the power of the cloud without the pain of recruiting experts in dozens of complex technologies. We are the partner that will be with them every step of the way to make their cloud strategy successful.”

Rackspace has launched two levels of managed services under the managed cloud umbrella. They are the managed infrastructure and the managed operations. The managed infrastructure will deliver a package of benefits to the customers. They can avail services like 24×7 access to human cloud engineers, architectural advice, security guidance, code development assistance and launch assistance. On the other hand in the managed operations the company will provide all sorts of financial support. Moreover, with this service the customers will be able to have  have real-time visibility into their infrastructure is an essential part of the Rackspace Managed Cloud strategy.  Customers on both Managed Cloud service levels will now receive Rackspace Cloud Monitoring at no charge.

“While cloud computing may be maturing in the US and EMEA, there is vast opportunity in Asia-Pacific, as companies and governments are putting the necessary infrastructure and regulations in place to become cloud ready markets. However, to successfully adopt cloud computing, companies need tailored and specialized solutions to meet their unique workloads. They need a team of cloud experts to manage and monitor their servers at all times, allowing their IT departments to focus on adding real business value rather than managing IT infrastructure and cloud computing technologies. This is what Managed Cloud is all about – the best infrastructure fit to business needs combined with specialised expertise and Fanatical Support” said, Ajit Melarkode, Managing Director, Rackspace Asia-Pacific.

The company’s managed cloud pricing model is applicable to all new public cloud customers and is optional for the existing ones. This model will enable the customers to compare the true cost of cloud infrastructure from provider to provider. Managed Infrastructure offers a service level rate of $0.005 per GB/hr RAM, with a $50 per month minimum, plus standard infrastructure rates. Whereas, Managed Operations offers a service level rate of $0.020 per GB/hr RAM, with a $500 per month minimum, plus standard infrastructure rates.

Under the all new developer+ programme of the company, the customers can avail credit for a package of cloud services for a limited time. The programme is designed keeping in mind the developers, who want to stay fast and lean and focus their engineering talent on building their app, rather than swelling their payroll with engineers who manage IT operations that don’t differentiate their business. The programme will further enable the customers to grow with Rackspace and understand the adoption of hybrid and specialised services. Apart from this, the customers participating in the developer+ programme, Rackspace will provide an infrastructure credit, which covers a Performance Cloud Server, a Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Networks, Cloud Backups, Cloud Files, Cloud DNS and built-in Email.


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