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Raritan dcTrack helps Clients Locate Physical Assets in Data Centers

Raritan dcTrack

New Delhi / Bangalore, INDIA: Raritan, an important provider of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and rack power distribution solutions, announced that Raritan’s dcTrackintelligent capacity management aids enterprises to effectively plan and optimize their data centers up to 50%. Raritan’s dcTrack is an award-winning, easy-to-use DCIMsolution that provides real-time information about the organizational facilities, networks and IT for optimal utilization of the resources. dcTrack reserves the capacity for future provisioning of new IT equipment by simplifying capacity planning and change management.

dcTrack Intelligent Capacity Management enables to optimize the Data Center planning-

•             This enables easy search and reserve space, power and network connectivity for all IT assets

•             Rich filtering allows quick search by several asset parameters

•             Time-based reservations to support what-if capacity analysis

•             Replace several inaccurate Excel and Visio files and trips to the data center

Benefits offered by Raritan’s dcTrack reads in the order as-

•             Smart Floor Map: Provides a complete view of your data center power,space and cooling capacities making it easy to spot problems areas with the ability to drill down for more details and the ability to generate reports by customer, function or group.

•             Visualize Cabinet and Row Elevations: dcTrack can visualize a group of cabinet elevations. Cabinets can be grouped by data center rows or logical groupings. With another click, the elevation views can be changed to front, rearor descriptive text views.

•             Asset Search: All items maintained in dcTrack are organized in one database and easily searchable by a web browser. Asset information is comprehensive and includes: item type, function, administrator, port location, etc. as well as any custom fields unique to a particular device.

•             Network Connectivity and Data Cabling Items: dcTrack supports all known cable types, connectors and topologies. Users can manage real-world cable infrastructure and labeling scenarios, with support for various design architectures.

•             Reports and Search Utilities: Make/model search allows you to easily and quickly find What the organization is looking for. Executive and management reports enable planning through forecasting and trending analysis.

•             Mobile Application: The novel DCIM mobile app for tablets provides IT professionals up-to-the-minute DCIM information anywhere.  The app can, for example, assist with at-the rack diagnostics or audits by providing inventory information to compare with the ‘as-built’.   Information can be easily searched by item name, serial number or asset tag number; or, by using the app’s barcode scanner.

Raritan’s dcTrack has been efficaciously implemented across various verticals like BFSI, IT/ITeS, Government, Pharma, Healthcare and Education covering well known brands like Aviva, AXA, Cisco, IBM, F5, HP, University of Calgary,Wipro, British Airways etc. Raritan’s dcTrackalso helps IT managers to manage server, power and network connectivity at their datacenters.


Mr Joseph Keena, Manager Data Center Operations at Shands Healthcare said, “dcTrack has given us a 50% gain in efficiency in terms of locating an asset’s physical location within the data center.”

Mr Sanjay Motwani, Sales Director – India & SEA reportedly said that, “Raritan’s dcTrack makes complex short & long term decisions very easy for Data Center Managers. Its user- friendly visualization of the physical assets, space, power & network utilization, gives a single window view to plan their placement, movements & future provisioning at the Data Center. Customers, who have implemented dcTrack like Shands Health Care (US), have seen upto a 50% improvement in terms of locating assets at the Data Center”. With the new dc Track mobile application IT Professionals can now get up-to-the-minute DCIM information anywhere.”


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