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RCA eyes revenue growth with merger of Ultra and Prolink brands


New Delhi: RCA, India’s primary marketer and distributor of electronic goods and digital accessories, today announced the merger of its flagship brands Ultra and Prolink to form ULTRAPROLINK. The merger from its part will result in superior operational efficiencies, ensure higher sales growth. Ultra is a cleaning and power products brand, and Prolink offers connectivity products i.e. cables, convertors & interconnectors etc. RCA also plans to add novel products across different categories in the ULTRPROLINK portfolio.

“The categories of Cleaners, power products, cables, chargers etc essentially cater to the same target audience and are retailed through identical distribution channel. To be able to manage and grow the brand, we have decided to bring all products under single umbrella brand. This union will result in higher efficiencies and marketing focus which is critical to our objective of 30% YoY growth,” states Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA

The fresh entity will have a new logo, joint sales and marketing team, and an expanded product range that will sport new packaging. In cleansing and digital accessories categories availability and Point-of-Purchase display are very important. There is a lot of impulse buying and competing brands that are vying for the same rupee. RCA already has a strong distribution reach across the country spanning major centers Delhi NCR, Punjab, Gujarat, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kolkata. The company has partnered with major large format and multi-brand retailers like Croma, Staples, Spencers, Carrefour, most of the Apple Premium stores etc. along with prominent travel retailers like Relay and WHSmith at airports and metro stations. ULTRA PROLINK products are also available at leading ecommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Daily Objects, Gizmeup, MirchiMart,, Infibeam, etc.

Expansion of product line and distribution depth

ULTRA & PROLINK products are already amongst top selling Cables & Cleaners at multi-brand retail outlets across all major cities in India. RCA plans to introduce more products for the ‘Connected Consumer’ and ‘People on the go’ under the new umbrella brand ULTRA PROLINK.

“Till last year we were focused only into cables & cleaners but this year we have changed course and made the brands more dynamic and relevant with categories like Enhancements & Chargers, to engage the consumer on the go. We will make our products available beyond technology retailers. Our products will also be available at travel retailers/kiosks present at airports & metro stations.” supplements Pankaj

Packaging & Logo

RCA from its barrio has taken special care to design the new packaging. A key factor that determines the product sales, product packaging has seen a complete makeover. Braced with a new logo that highlights the brand identity, the packaging design is such that it just doesn’t stand out but also makes it convenient and safe for the retail point to display the product. As per availability of space the products could be hung or kept on a platform that ensures easy access to consumers. This is important in smaller outlets like station kiosks. The packs are see-through to allow the consumers to see the product as (especially in accessories) they want it to be consistent with the gadget being accessorised. The objective is to minimise the effort of the retailer and the product should sell on its own.

Apart from ULTRA PROLINK the company sells and distributes brands like Cygnett, Neopack, Mili, Philips, Plantronics etc. in India. For Cygnett, a leading international digital accessories brand, RCA is the major distributor for India. In the electronics trade relationships and product sales commitment are two factors that are critical for the success of a brand. RCA has been operating in this category for more than four decades; this gives it the added edge as a preferred partner for many international electronics and digital accessories brands planning to enter India. The company from its part has also consulted some of the top international brands on India entry strategies.


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