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RDP Launches High-Performance Solid State Drives

RDP, the company that believes in providing simplified and affordable computing solutions has launched its High-Performance Solid State Drives (SSD’s). Company’s high-reliability storage devices based on Sync MLC NAND. RDP SSD’s are available in different capacities 32GB, 60GB, 64GB, 120GB, 124GB, 240GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

RDP High-Performance Solid State Drives

RDP SSD’s can replace HDD in the consumer market in near future. As it beats HDD in every possible metric ­ size, weight, shock and vibration tolerance, power consumption, sequential and random read performances as well as sequential and random write performances.

Those who are unaware, Solid State Drive (SSD) are those drives that use non­volatile memory for storing and accessing data and boots systems within a minute.

RDP is India’s leading IT Hardware company, who is pioneer in IT Hardware landscape having channel partners across the globe. RDP is proud to be called as “One Stop Shop for all Computing needs”.

RDP SSD’s are available in all major e-commerce websites with ‘life Time’ Warranty.



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