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Real-time Statistics- Bringing the Cyberworld into Focus

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab from its quarter has made a host of exclusive statistical data available that shows the real-time picture of the cyberworld as well as its inhabitants. The company’s fresh portal collects statistical information from all over the globe on what people are doing on the web, followed by what devices they use besides what threats they come vis-a- vis with.

The site pays precise attention to cyber threats: transpiring to what malware is presently most active in addition to what harm it can cause to users and their devices. The portal largesse ratings of the most prevalent online threats, zeroing down to lists involving countries that are most habitually attacked in excess of the previous month as well as the number of different malware samples detected at the moment.

To be able to fit the jigsaw pieces into the picture, data about cyber threats is complemented with statistical information on the total number of Internet users worldwide; together with those users who have only in recent times discovered the Internet. Visitors to the new resource will now be able to see exactly how many emails were being sent in the last year worldwide, the total blog posts or tweets written in the last 24 hours, how many new mobile phones were being sold today, how many sites were hacked, and so forth

“The number of Internet users is growing significantly every day, as is the number of devices and, unfortunately, the number and variety of cyber threats. The number of malicious mobile apps alone in our ‘collections’ exceeds 11 million,” observed Sergey Novikov, Deputy Director, Global Research & Analysis Team. Supplementing that – “By creating an accurate picture of the cyber world with our own and third-party statistical data, we endeavored to show that cyberspace is expanding at an unbelievable rate and this growth not only provides new opportunities but also brings new risks.”

The statistics onboard the portal are taken partly from the Kaspersky Security Network cloud-based service, which from its end makes available real-time information as regards new threats, detected by Kaspersky Lab products, and is partly derived from other sources, precisely from the online statistical services and


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