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RECOM Offers 4.5A and 8A Buck Converters

RECOM has added through-hole, 1/32nd brick-footprint, non-isolated Buck Converters, DC/DCs, in their product portfolio, RPMA-4.5 and RPMA-8.0, with 4.5A and 8A output ratings respectively.

RECOMEach part has a wide 9-53V input and trimmable, fully regulated output from 5-30V (RPMA-4.5) or 3.3-16.5V (RPMA-8.0).

Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC Product Manager of RECOM comments, “These DC/DCs are a cost-effective and efficient way to provide non-isolated regulated power from a wide-range input. They will find use in a wide variety of markets, from industrial to test and measurement, telecom, and medical.”

The cost-effective parts feature very high efficiency, peaking at 98%, allowing fully-rated load operation to +60°C with convection cooling only and +85°C with derating/airflow, depending on input/output conditions. On/off control is included along with remote output sensing.

The RPMA-4.5 and RPMA-8.0 are fully protected against input under-voltage, output over the current, short circuit and temperature.

Reliability in operation is also high with an MTBF for the 4.5A part of over 82M hours and over 31M hours for the 8A part.

Each DC/DC is in the industry-standard open-frame 1/32nd brick format 19.1 x 23.4 x 9.6mm providing an ultra-compact solution for high power operation.


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