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RECOM Rolls Out Eighth-Brick 100W and 300W DC/DCs

RECOM has launched two new cost-effective DC/DCs products with outputs of 100W and 300W in a DOSA-compatible low-profile, through-hole eighth-brick format (58.4mm x 23mm).

Recom The RPA100E-W 100W part has a wide 4:1 input range of 16-72V for nominal 24V, 28V and 48V supplies, and fully regulated 5V and 12V trimmable outputs are available.

“The RPA100E and RPA300E eighth-brick DC/DCs are great examples of our commitment to developing high power-density converters” commented Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC Product Manager of RECOM. “They will find applications in all demanding industries from telecom, test and measurement, in data centers, industrial automation, and in PoE”.

Full power is available to 50°C ambient in natural convection and +85°C with forced air. Isolation is 1.5kVDC/1 min, basic grade.

The RPA300E 300W part has an input range of 36-75V for nominal 48V supplies and features an output trimmable over a wide range of 16-35V. The isolation of this part is 2.25kVDC/1 min, basic grade.

The RPA300E has an integrated heat spreader that allows direct screw-fixing to a heatsink or cold wall. Full-load operation of this part without heatsinking is to 60°C with forced air and to 85°C with load derating.

Both product ranges have high power density with a typical efficiency of 94.8% (RPA300E) and 92% (RPA100E). High efficiency >90% is also maintained down to light loads, to suit applications with low standby loss requirements.

The ranges include comprehensive protection against input under-voltage, short circuit, output over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature. Control features included are on/off control and remote sensing.

The RPA100E and RPA300E ranges are certified to UL/CAN/CSA 62368-1 safety standard for basic isolation and are compliant to EMC standard CISPR22 class B with an external filter.

The footprint of both parts is industry-standard DOSA-compatible, and the 100W part is just an 11mm profile while the 300W part is 12.7mm.

Pin-out is also standard and compatible with quarter-bricks allowing possible space-saving in some applications without sacrificing power rating.


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