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Red Hat Extends Enterprise Management For OpenStack With CloudForms v3.2

Red Hat Cloud

Red Hat, Inc., the leading provider of open source solutions has introduced CloudForms v3.2 for managing private and hybrid clouds. CloudForms 3.2 delivers innovative management features that allow customers to automate the deployment and management of OpenStack infrastructures, using advanced management instrumentation available in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 7.

Highlighted Features of CloudForms 3.2:

  1. Adds additional OpenStack workload management capabilities including:
  • Automated discovery;
  • Web-based console support;
  • Service catalog publishing and user dialog generation for OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) templates;
  • Deeper image and workload introspection capabilities with OpenStack Image Service (Glance) and OpenStack Compute (Nova) integration;
  • Improved capacity and utilization management through expanded OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) integration
  1. New capabilities in CloudForms 3.2 provide an efficient and scalable migration framework across traditional virtualization platform and private clouds based on OpenStack.
  2. Other improvements include support for the AWS Config service enabling near-real time monitoring of changes in workloads deployed to AWS, Japanese language support, IPv6 support, and improved bare-metal provisioning and management through integration with Red Hat Satellite 6, the press release states.

 Joe Fitzgerald, vice president and general manager, Management, Red Hat said, “CloudForms is an essential part of Red Hat’s strategy to enable OpenStack adoption and improve manageability in the enterprise. These updates in CloudForms 3.2 will allow customers to more quickly deploy and scale their OpenStack private clouds, combine existing IT infrastructure investments and federate public cloud deployments.”

 It’s worth mentioning that, CloudForms is industry’s first open source cloud management platform that manages both the OpenStack infrastructure and workloads from a single, integrated platform. CloudForms 3.2 will be available to existing CloudForms customers in June 2015.



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