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Redefining Power Electronics in Modern Society

IntroEver since its invention, electricity plays a vital role in our everyday lives. With an increasing focus on electrification for a cleaner environment, different forms of generating electricity have emerged to fulfill the need for electric power.

Did you ever give a thought about how 240 Volt AC supply at our home charges a 5V battery of one’s mobile phone, or how a DC power from renewable sources like solar, wind and water, etc., can supply the AC power to cater to one’s domestic needs?

Delving a little deeper, we will unravel a circuit where electronic devices play an integral role in making these things happen. These circuits and devices come under the radar of power electronics, an emerging science field relevant to both power engineers and electronics engineers alike.

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Aishwarya Saxena

A book geek, with creative mind, an electronics degree, and zealous for writing.Creativity is the one thing in her opinion which drove her to enter into editing field. Allured towards south Indian cuisine and culture, love to discover new cultures and their customs. Relishes in discovering new music genres.

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