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REE Selects AAM to Supply 3-in-1 EDU Technology

REE Automotive has declared the nomination of American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) Holdings to supply REE with its high-performance electric drive units (EDU).

REEAAM’s award-winning 3-in-1 electric drive technology – which places the electric motor, gearbox and inverter into a single package – will be integrated into REEcorner technology.

Daniel Barel, REE Co-Founder and CEO: “This supplier nomination is an important step in our production progress as we remain focused on execution. With our nomination of AAM, an innovator in electric propulsion systems, we are securing the future capacity of EDUs to support our growth and advancing our goal of partnering with leading automotive suppliers to bring the best technology to customers for flexible end-use options. In AAM we have found a partner with the experience and expertise that will help propel a zero-emissions future in line with our vision.”

AAM’s high-speed, highly integrated 3-in-1 propulsion systems are designed to provide the highest levels of torque and power density, a great match for REE’s compact and modular REEcorners as they offer more power with less weight and packaging volume.

The electric drive units will be developed at AAM’s Advanced Technology and Development Center in Detroit with the delivery of prototypes planned by the end of 2021 with full volume production expected by 2024. The initial integration will be for prototype builds for a U.S.-based delivery van program.

REEcorners integrate critical vehicle components (inc. steering, braking, suspension, powertrain & control) into a single compact module positioned between the chassis and the wheel. REE uses true x-by-wire technology to control each of the corners of the vehicles with full drive-by-wire, brake-by-wire and steer-by-wire, expected to deliver vehicle stability, responsiveness and safety with fully independent wheel control.

REE’s corner technology enables building modular, fully-flat EV platforms with more room for passengers, cargo and batteries – as much as 35% greater interior space as compared to internal combustion vehicles or conventional EVs. REE’s EV platforms afford complete freedom of design, enabling auto-manufacturers, OEMs, delivery & logistics companies, and new mobility players to design EVs based on their exact specifications while reducing time-to-market, lowering TCO and meeting zero-carbon regulations.


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