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Relec and Digiwise Solves IPS TN TFT Displays Shortage

Relec’s partner, Digiwise has been offering drop-in IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT replacements for many 4.3” TN TFT displays.

RelecRelec also offers a series of 4.3” TFT displays from Digiwise for HDMI, LCD TFT and touchscreen panel displays.

One of the reasons why TN (Twisted Neumatic) TFT panels are so popular is that they are inexpensive, making them ideal for cost-sensitive applications where space is limited.

A shortage of 4.3” TN TFT displays can disrupt supply, hamper innovation and delay time to market in what are often incredibly competitive areas.

Instead of having to find and source alternatives, display engineers can fulfill design criteria and introduce new, cost-efficient and innovative products to market.

This option not only solves the supply issue but overcomes many of the technology challenges of TN TFT displays. While TN displays are inexpensive, they suffer from poor viewing angles and greyscale inversion when viewed at anything other than an optimum angle or direction.

IPS technology, on the other hand, offers a wide viewing angle and improved color balance. IPS arranges and switches the alignment of the crystal molecules between the glass substrates. This reduces the amount of light scatter in the matrix and means that the displays have a nearly 180-degree viewing angle as well as vastly improved colour balance when viewed from any angle or direction.

There are standard panels available, but Relec and Digiwise also able to offer support for custom TFTs and touch panels. This means that even if a supplier says a 4.3” TN TFT display is unavailable, Relec and Digiwise can supply the equivalent size in superior IPS technology.

The screen can also be modified to meet a specific application’s requirements. Customization options include optical bonding, surface treatments, mounting frames, enhancement films or changes to the PCB layout or connector positions.

In this way, IPS TFT displays can be modified to match legacy products to be used as replacements as well as used in new designs to create new and innovative displays.


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