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Calex’s DC-DC Bi-directional Converters Now at Relec

With an increasing demand in adoption of electric powertrains in vehicles, there has been a need for bi-directional DC-DC converters for both industrial and automotive applications. And to compensate this ever-growing need, Calex has launched the 48S12.3K0BCA bi-directional DC-DC converter, that is now available at Relec Electronics.

CalexThe 3,000W chassis-mount, a non-isolated DC-DC converter is designed for in-vehicle power distribution with 12V/48V battery configurations. This versatile DC-DC converter can be used for a variety of applications including micro and mild hybrid automotive systems.

It charges a low side (12V) battery during normal operation (buck mode) and charges or assists the high voltage (48V) battery in emergencies (boost mode). The 48S12.3K0BCA operates as an ideal current source with variable direction, allowing energy transfer between two voltage domains.

Voltage feedback maintains the output voltage within the acceptable operating range and eventually allows a custom charging profile for the battery pack. It regulates the average current that flows between the high voltage and low voltage ports in the direction selected via a CAN interface.

The 48S12.3K0BCA Series is packaged in a low-profile mechanically enclosed package which weighs typically just 1.37kg. The package makes the DC-DC converter suitable for use in the challenging automotive environment which has harsh shock and vibration requirements.

It also facilitates integration with a battery pack. Three M8 bushings are provided, two for power connection and two for ground connections. Efficiency is up to 97% and it has over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. All protection functions are latching.

The 48S12.3K0BCA has 12Vout (nominal) and a range of 6-18V. Calex also offers the 48S24.3K0BCA, 24V out (nominal) model (18-30Vout).

Calex has also developed the 3,000W BCE bi-directional, non-isolated DC-DC converter for in-vehicle power distribution with 12V/48V battery configurations. It is supplied in a low profile, IP67-rated liquid-cooled or air-cooled enclosure.

Calex has also developed the 3,000W BEQ series, which ensures that battery voltages remain equal, to significantly extend the life of the battery life and provide the most cost-effective and dependable solution for dual voltage systems.

It is also supplied in an air-cooled, IP-rated enclosure, offering high power density, 24Vin, 12V out for automotive 12/24V systems.

The company has also announced that it will add to its portfolio a range of 4kW bi-directional converters for higher voltage applications as well as a 7kW 400 & 800V solution for onboard chargers.


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