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Renesas Declares 1 Billionth Device Delivery of RX MCUs

RX MCUs deliver high CPU performance due to their sophisticated architecture for embedded systems.

Renesas Electronics has successfully shipped more than one billion microcontrollers from the RX Family of 32-bit MCUs, which incorporate Renesas’ proprietary RX CPU core.

Renesas MCUs“As the world’s leading MCU supplier, we are pleased and proud to work with outstanding customers around the world to achieve this significant milestone,” said Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President in Renesas’ IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit. “RX MCUs with Renesas’ proprietary cores have established a strong position in applications that require power efficiency and true real-time performance.”

RX MCUs deliver high CPU performance due to their sophisticated architecture for embedded systems. Currently, four series of RX MCUs are available (RX100, RX200, RX600, and the high-end RX700) offering a wide range of performance, onboard memory, and a variety of peripheral functions and packages.

Following the introduction of the latest RXv3 core in 2018, Renesas is also working on the development of the next core to surpass the performance of the RXv3 core.

To ease the implementation of RX MCUs, Renesas offers a smart configurator and code generator in response to the growing need for low and no code to reduce the development burden of embedded systems.

Renesas continually works to expand the development environment to improve user experience (UX), shorten development time, and reduce development costs.

RX MCUs are key products in Winning Combinations that combine numerous products within the Renesas portfolio that work together seamlessly.

Examples of Winning Combinations featuring the RX devices include the AC Drives/GP Inverters Solution and High-Voltage Motor Driver Solution. In 2021, during COVID-19, Renesas provided a ventilator solution Winning Combination that contributed to saving lives.

Renesas will further strengthen its connectivity and robust security technologies for cloud connectivity for the future of smart IoT applications of consumer and industrial applications.

Going forward, Renesas will continue to expand the RX Family, as well as the Arm® based RA Family of 32-bit MCUs, to create a rich ecosystem and broaden the range of choices for customers.

Renesas wants to build a sustainable future where technology helps make our lives easier through the provision of MCUs and other semiconductor solutions.


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