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RenewSys Commissioned a New Encapsulant Line

RenewSys India has commissioned a new Encapsulant (EVA & POE) line this month. The new line takes the company’s total Encapsulant manufacturing output to 3 GW. The addition of yet another GW of Encapsulant production capacity has also begun, which will ramp up the total capacity to 4 GW.

Simultaneously, the company is looking to significantly expand its Encapsulant output to 11 GW by adding another 8 GW in a phase-wise manner.

RenewAvinash Hiranandani, Global CEO & Managing Director, RenewSys, said, “It is an exciting time to be in the solar manufacturing industry in India. More organisations and homeowners are looking to switch to solar now, than ever before.

The support of the MNRE and the impetus to the ‘Make in India’ movement has been fuelling the set-up of PV module manufacturing facilities pan India. We welcome all these new businesses and look forward to partnering in their growth journey, by supplying them with world-class PV Encapsulants and Backheets, made right here- in India.”

RenewSys recently launched a distinctive EVA Encapsulant – CONSERV® Ultra plus (U+). This thermo-proficient Encapsulant reduces the curing time per PV module cycle by 2-3 minutes, increasing the efficiency of the module manufacturing line by 10-20%.

Since its inception in 2011, RenewSys has been a leader in the PV Encapsulant and PV Backsheet space, supplying over 15 GW of material and carving a niche for itself in competitive global markets. It has to its credit several firsts including – India’s proven & UL certified POE, transparent Backsheet, and only Backsheet patent. RenewSys is an integrated manufacturer of Solar PV modules and its key components – Encapsulants, Backsheets, and PV Cells, giving it a unique perspective on how these interact with each other across the 25+ year lifetime of a PV module.


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