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Reportlinker’s Report on AI, Cyber Security & Big Data has released the report on Middle East & Africa (MEA) AI, Cyber Security & Big Data Analytics Market – Growth, Trends, Forecasts (2020-2025)”.

ReportThe adoption of advanced technology has been witnessing increasing growth in the Middle East & African countries. In the recent times, rapid digitalization in countries, like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, has triggered a high number of connected devices in the region.

– Enterprises in the end-user industries are increasingly deploying AI to realize cost benefits, increase productivity, and improve their safety standards. Several government-driven initiatives are changing the dynamics of the industrial sector and contributing to reshaping the landscape in key economies like Saudi Arabia and UAE, and creating stronger institutional set-up and effective regulatory frameworks, to promote private sector investments.
– Various governments in the region have conducted long-term plans for using AI and ML as an economic stimulus or enhancing workforce efficiency and government structure agility. Now, AI programs are carried out with governments’ direct support, but companies in the region would have their own AI departments in the short term.
– UAE government is the first country in the Middle East region to launch its AI strategy, and the first in the world to create a Ministry of Artificial Intelligence. The government is planning to invest in AI technologies in about nine sectors.
– With COVID-19 becoming the new reality, organizations worldwide must respond proactively to cyber threats that have witnessed a spike during the pandemic. For this reason, cyber resilience, which refers to a sector or organization’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks, has become an absolute necessity rather than a mere option in the current scenario.


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