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Ricoh India announces launch of cloud-enabled PACS solution ‘Picasso’

Ricoh India announces launch of cloud-enabled PACS solution ‘Picasso’

Ricoh India has announced the launch of its cloud-enabled PACS (picture archiving and communication system) solution ‘Picasso’ in Hyderabad. The new solution from the house of Ricoh will provide access to medical images of patients and clinicians besides cost effective medical care.

The cloud-enabled solution, will improve user efficiency, reduce turnaround time, minimize cost of clinical imaging, optimize image compression, and provide remote access to doctors said the company in a statement. Beside physician and the radiologist, Picasso enables users to access images on any mobile device such as tablets, cell phone, or laptops.

The company notes that its cloud enabled PACS solution integrates seamlessly with existing Hospital Information System (HIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS), to ensure consolidated patient’s data. Ricoh also announces to bring its 360° One Stop Shop experience in Hyderabad.

Manoj Kumar Managing Director and CEO

Speaking on the occasion, Manoj Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Ricoh India said, “We are pleased to continue expanding our healthcare portfolio. As many healthcare organizations are interested in transforming their current workflow, high investments act as a deterrent since existing medical imaging solution requires high upfront investment, skilled resources and an elaborate IT requirement. Ricoh has launched this solution, keeping in mind the affordability and easy access of healthcare facilities for the patients and customer satisfaction. We are enthusiastic about our rapid growth and increased visibility in the country. Today customers are looking at partners that can develop and provide customized solutions. 360 degree framework has enabled Ricoh to emerge as one-stop business solutions provider for increasing the workplace efficiency of enterprises through IT automation and process integration. Ricoh’s innovative product and solutions has helped the company to achieve 1637 cr. turnover in financial year 2014 with astounding 50%+ growth for last 4 years”.

He further added “With this announcement Ricoh looks forward to bring more innovative products and solutions to its customers in the near future. Ricoh’s uniqueness does not only differentiate Ricoh from its competitors, but is also helping the company achieve its vision to be the most trusted brand with irresistible appeal in the Indian market.”


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