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Rise of AI, Cloud and Cybersecurity Courses in India

AI CoursesRiding the waves of trending technology, the corporate world is getting dominated with emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and the list goes on.

Once the pandemic sets in that brought about a massive disruption across various markets, these trending technologies came up as a clutch for many organizations, who were far behind in terms of technology, to adopt them in their businesses and digitize their operations to survive the crisis.

After analyzing multiple reports, businesses that integrated technologies like Cyber Security, AI, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics, in their operations, have seen a boost up in their productivity once deployed. Thus, increasing the demand for specialized professionals in this field.

Spurring the interest of young minds, 21st-century youth is now ready to try their hand in these next-generation Emerging Technological Courses in India that will serve as the gamechanger of the century.

Not lacking behind in any way, Indian youth is also moving forward to pursue their careers in Emerging Technological Courses in India like AI, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity and more.

Cause of Sudden Fame in Emerging Technological Courses in India 

Showing the effects of globalization and intensive foreign policies reforms in the last few years, India is capturing the interest of many global companies that are flocking towards India’s massive digital market.

One such company is Oracle that has established its second cloud region in Hyderabad to support customers’ demand for enterprise cloud services in India.

This is Oracle’s second launch in the Mumbai Cloud region, first happening in 2019.

India has also become a hot market for internet giants like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and Facebook thus, igniting a new demand for cloud as well as cybersecurity professionals that can manage their digital infrastructure.

Sensing the need of the hour, India’s youth is surging forward to enroll in Information Technology (IT) training programs or Emerging Technological Courses in India like cloud, AI and cybersecurity.

Since expertise in specific niche skills is the key to determining one’s career role in the future, Indian youth is upskilling in these emerging fields to boost their career curve for a long-term stay.

Emerging Technological Courses in India are, therefore, gaining so much ground among IT professionals.

Post-Pandemic Era Impact

CybersecuritySurviving the COVID-19 pandemic was no easy feat as many businesses had to reevaluate their mode of operations as everything went remote for several months.

The pandemic lockdown acted as a spark for those techies that couldn’t muster enough time to upskill their technological skills in the pre-pandemic era.

Indian software programmers didn’t miss this golden opportunity and went for cloud, cybersecurity as well as AI courses online certifications amidst COVID-19 lockdown in large numbers.

Sudden boom in Emerging Technological Courses in India was seen at its peak during the lockdown period.

Surge in Emerging Technological Courses in India- A New Trend?

AI IndiaSince this new era demands specialization, welcoming the fanfare around AI, cloud and cybersecurity, many Indian institutions are now racing forward to offer new technical courses for these specialized fields. But is the corporate world ready to accommodate this much workforce with specialization?

The answer is yes, they are since multiple organizations have transitioned their working lifestyle towards a hybrid approach.

Since it is essential to work in a digital environment, companies have shifted their business operations to online platforms that have indirectly spurred the growth of jobs in Emerging Technological Courses in India for AI, Cloud computing and Cybersecurity.

Another thing that got re-casted in this digital environment was the need to work remotely caused an increased need for collaboration among teams, companies and industries in synergy.

Multiple virtual meeting applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have shown a sudden spike in the number of users, thus, opening up a new opportunity for the cloud market to expand its reach.

Coming to Emerging Technological Courses in India, many universities are coming forward to start separate undergraduate and bachelor programs in AI, cloud computing as well as cybersecurity to hone the skills of young Indians according to the business world.

But these universities are too scarce to bring a technological change as a whole.

Future Challenges

Centering the common notion of upskilling Indian youth in Emerging Technological Courses in India, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has recently announced its plans to develop a domestic operating system that will boost the government’s capabilities to deal with any potential internal and external threats with a stable cybersecurity framework.

This announcement had shown the government’s interest in encouraging India’s young professionals to pursue their ambitions in Emerging Technological Courses in India and be a part of big changes at the national stage.


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