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ROHM Develops New Power Supply ICs QuiCur

ROHM is currently working to commercialize QuiCur-equipped power supply ICs, with plans to ship samples of DC/DC converter ICs in April and LDOs in July of this year.

ROHM has recently developed QuiCur, a new power supply technology that improves the load transient response characteristics (response performance involving response speed, and voltage stability of subsequent stage) of DC/DC converter ICs (Switching regulators) and LDOs (Linear regulators).

ROHM Power SupplyIn recent years, the continuing electrification of applications in all areas has increased the number of electronic components along with the design resources required.

As such, there is a rising demand to reduce the number of capacitors used for a variety of purposes, such as stabilizing electronic circuits.

What’s more, to reduce the design load for power supply circuits when changing specifications, high-quality power supply ICs that deliver excellent response performance and the capability to provide stable operation are required.

Generally, the power supply IC constantly monitors the output voltage to ensure stable power supply functionality and includes a feedback circuit that fine-tunes the output voltage by comparing it with an internal reference voltage. Providing a faster response makes it possible to reverse changes in the output voltage caused by fluctuations in input voltage and/or load current in a shorter time.

On the other hand, shortening the response time too much can cause the circuit operation to become unstable and the output voltage to oscillate, and as the response speed is also affected by output capacitance, until now it has been difficult to achieve the desired response performance.

Incorporating the newly developed high-speed load response technology QuiCur in power supply ICs makes it possible to achieve the ideal performance without causing instability in feedback circuits.

Not only can the number of external components and mounting area be reduced by minimizing the capacitance of the output capacitor required by the power supply IC, but linear adjustment of the capacitance and output voltage fluctuations (negative constant proportional relationship) is enabled, ensuring stable operation even when the capacitance increases due to specification changes.

This contributes to a significant reduction in power supply circuit design resources by providing stable operation with fewer external components.

ROHM is currently working to commercialize QuiCur-equipped power supply ICs, with plans to ship samples of DC/DC converter ICs in April and LDOs in July of this year.

QuiCur is named after ROHM’s original Quick Current circuit that provides high-speed load response.

This allows removing a traditional constraint for ICs stability compensation and allows to achieve ideal load transient response characteristics without causing instability in feedback circuits.


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