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ROHM Flaunts AC/DC Converter ICs With Built-In 1700V SiC MOSFET

ROHM recently announced the availability of AC/DC converter ICs with a built-in 1700V SiC MOSFET, the BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ series.

ROHM bm2scq12xt-bz

In recent years, the growing demand for energy savings has resulted in the adoption of power semiconductors such as SiC in 400VAC industrial applications. On the other hand, industrial equipment consists of the main power supply circuit and a built-in auxiliary power supply that supplies power to various control systems. The use of low voltage Si-MOSFETs and IGBTs limits the amount of power savings in the auxiliary power supply.

To overcome the problem, the company said that they have created the industry’s first AC/DC converter ICs with a built-in SiC MOSFET that will further accelerate the adoption of AC/DC converters that use SiC MOSFETs in industrial equipment.

Furthermore, the BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ series integrate 1700V SiC MOSFET. This series enables breakthrough energy savings and facilitates efficient AC/DC converter design by resolving many of the issues encountered by designers using discrete solutions. Incorporating a SiC MOSFET and control circuitry optimized for auxiliary power supplies for industrial equipment in a single package significantly reduces the number of parts required when compared to the conventional designs (from 12pcs plus heat sink to a single IC). It also aids in minimizing both the component failure risk and the number of resources required to develop systems using SiC MOSFETs. In addition, this product enables the improvement of power efficiency by 5% (and decreasing power loss by 28%). These features translate to a dramatic reduction in size, improved reliability, and superior power savings in industrial applications.

ROHM application examples

ROHM new solution optimized

Key Features

The BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ series adopts a dedicated package that incorporates a 1700V SiC MOSFET along with the control circuitry (i.e. SiC MOSFET gate drive circuit) optimized for industrial auxiliary power supplies.

These leading technology AC/DC converter ICs deliver advantages that contribute to increasing the demand of AC/DC converters with integrated SiC MOSFETs by improving the reliability, energy efficiency, and compactness of 400VAC industrial equipment.

  1. Breakthrough miniaturization is enabled by replacing 12 components and heat sink with a single package

The latest device from ROHM replaces up to 12 components (AC/DC converter IC, 800V Si MOSFET x 2, Zener diode x 3, resistor x 6) and the heat sink with a single package, dramatically reducing the number of external parts required. In addition, the high withstand voltage and voltage noise resistance of the internal SiC MOSFET makes it possible to reduce the size of components used for noise suppression.

ROHM application circuit and adoption

  1. Development resources and design risks are reduced while providing multiple built-in protection functions that enable superior reliability

The monolithic design reduces the resources required for component selection and reliability evaluation for the clamp and drive circuits while also minimizing component failure risk and simplifying the development effort for SiC MOSFET adoption. In addition, overload protection (FB OLP), overvoltage protection (VCC OVP) of the supply voltage pin, and a high accuracy thermal shutdown function (TSD) (achieved through the built-in SiC MOSFETs) are built in, along with the overcurrent protection and secondary overvoltage protection functions. This enables the incorporation of multiple protection circuits for industrial power supplies that require continuous operation hence leading to a significant improvement in system reliability.

  1. SiC MOSFET performance is optimized to achieve dramatically improved power savings

Both internal SiC MOSFET and the built-in gate driver circuit optimized for this SiC MOSFET improve efficiency by as much as 5% over conventional Si MOSFETs. Also, a quasi-resonant method is adopted for the control circuit that enables operation at higher efficiency and lower noise than conventional PWM systems, minimizing the effects of noise in industrial equipment.

ROHM ac and dc converter efficiency

Product Lineup

Part No.Supply Voltage RangeNormal Operating Current


Burst Operating Current


Max. Operating Frequency


FB OLPVCC OVPOperating Temperature Range

15.0V to 27.5V


1700V (max.)

2000μA (typ.)500μA (typ.)120kHz (typ.)Auto RestartLatch-40°C to 105°C
BM2SCQ123T-LBZAuto RestartAuto Restart
BM2SCQ124T-LBZLatchAuto Restart

The Key Application of the BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ series include:

– General-purpose inverters

– AC servos

– PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

– Manufacturing equipment


– Industrial lighting (i.e. street lamps)

Optimized for auxiliary power supply circuits in 400VAC industrial equipment

ROHM ac and dc converter diagram


The samples are available as of now (samples). The products in OEM quantities will be available in May 2019. Evaluation boards will be released later this year.

Further information: Click here


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