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ROHM Opens Global Application Centre (GAC) in India

GAC is expanding its reference designs with the best devices that deliver technological with commercial value to customers.

ROHM has opened the Global Application Centre (GAC) in India with the aim of “Design in India” to cater to Global customer demand. GAC specializes in developing of reference designs and will support ROHM’s global operation from India.

2.5kW LLC DC-DC convertor Reference Design for EV ChargersROHM has been investing in GAC in India considering the availability of talented engineers, technology and an ecosystem of partners.  Also, stringent environmental conditions in India where applications designed can meet reliability requirements across the world.

GAC was established in the middle of 2021. In addition to the present LSI Development Division, Application Engineering Division, Power Transistor R&D Division and Sales and Marketing Division, ROHM plans to invest in this new GAC by hiring several tens of power electronics engineers and expanding its state-of-art lab to cater to applications of more than 10kW.

GAC is expanding its reference designs with the best devices that deliver technological with commercial value to customers.

  • Reference designs add value to customers as the systems become more complex with high power and high-speed operation.
  • ROHM reference designs have ready to use design details with intensive application evaluation, along with ROHM’s application support.
  • Design risk and workload can be reduced by adopting or referring to ROHM’s reference design.

GAC has already developed “2.5kW DC/DC Convertor for EV charger” and “1kW motor driver” reference designs. In addition, we have created a consortium of partners who can work together towards design and productization with a sustainable supply chain.

GAC will be working on a variety of applications and building topologies. For example, we have high power system topology reference designs to maximize the performance of cutting-edge SiC power devices. Also, GAC plans to develop the power supplies reference designs for data centers, base stations, along with the reference designs for EV on-board chargers and charging stations. Sub-reference designs such as auxiliary power supplies, gate drivers, current sensing, etc., are included in each reference design.

With ROHM’s vision towards “Design in India” for global customers envisions India’s pursuits towards “Make in India”.


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