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ROHM Releases MUS-IC Series DAC chip

ROHM has launched new BD34301EKV, a 32bit D/A converter IC designed for high fidelity audio equipment – capable of high-resolution playback of audio sources.

ROHMAt the same time, ROHM also provides BD34301EKV-EVK-001 evaluation boards to test the performance of ROHM’s new IC that is sold via distributor channels.

Masakazu Nagatsuma, Director and General Manager of the Development department at LUXMAN, praised the performance and sound quality of the BD34301EKV from the development stage: “The sound is natural and flat across the audio spectrum, making it easy to listen to for extended periods.”

Designed to maximally extract and convert high-resolution audio data to analog, audio DAC chips are one of the most important components for determining the quality of audio equipment.

Leveraging 50 years of expertise in developing audio ICs allowed ROHM to establish sound quality design technology – capable of extracting the full amount of information from sound sources and offer products that deliver superior sound quality, including a sound processor and power management ICs.

The BD34301EKV DAC chip, developed as part of ROHM’s high-grade MUS-ICTM series representing the pinnacle of audio ICs, emphasizes ‘spatial reverberation’, ‘quietness’, and ‘dynamic range’ – qualities important for reproducing classical music. Original sound quality design technology makes it possible to successfully reproduce the target sound quality by incorporating a circuit in the signal processing block to check for audio quality.

At the same time, class-leading low noise and distortion (130dB SN ratio, -115dB THD+N) provide the high performance demanded by high fidelity audio equipment. At last, the customizable digital filter – a key function of the digital signal processing circuit – supports the creation of the ideal sound sought by audio equipment manufacturers.

Not surprisingly, the BD34301EKV chip has been adopted by LUXMAN CORPORATION for the digital circuitry of their flagship model SACD/CD player, the D-10X. They are a renowned manufacturer of high-end audio equipment.

Created by combining ROHM’s aforementioned sound quality design technology with its corporate mission of ‘Quality First’, ‘vertically integrated production system’, and ‘contribution to the advancement of musical culture’, MUS-ICTM is an audio device brand that represents the ultimate IC solutions developed by ROHM’s team of experienced and dedicated engineers.


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