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Rostelecom, NEC and Netcracker Announce First PoCFor SDN in Russia


Rostelecom, NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology announced that the first proof of concept (PoC) interoperability test for transport software-defined networking (SDN) in the Russian Federation has been successfully completed.

In the PoC, optical networking equipment from Huawei, NEC and Nokia, as well as their corresponding domain SDN controllers, were managed by an umbrella transport SDN controller provided by NEC/Netcracker.

This new hierarchical approach to transport SDN provided complete end-to-end control and visibility, automating operations across three separate optical multi vendor domains.

Cloud applications and IoT services are driving rapid bandwidth growth, resulting in the need for networks to scale more dynamically.

“Together with equipment vendors Huawei, NEC/Netcracker and Nokia, Ros telecom proves transport SDN’s ability to reduce costs and improve network automation,” said Alexey Sapunov, Rostelecom Senior Vice-President for Technical Infrastructure. “By using NEC/Netcracker’s multi domain transport SDN controller, which managed multiple underlying domain controllers, Rostelecom was able to eliminate vendor lock-in and lay the foundation for a true multivendor infrastructure.”

 It is also driving the need to accelerate service creation, deployment and restoration times. Rostelecom recognized the opportunity to meet this need through transport SDN. It also used this opportunity to put to test the true multivendor promise of virtualization.

The PoC was designed to test the scenarios mentioned above. The multi vendor aspect was addressed by selecting Huawei, NEC/Netcracker and Nokia.

 The umbrella transport SDN controller provided by NEC/Netcracker provided a unified multidomain view, thereby increasing network agility, end-to-end visibility as well as rapid provisioning and restoration capabilities.

With these elements in place, Rostelecom network users can self-select new, on-demand transport services that are provisioned automatically and optimized dynamically according to bandwidth and network performance requirements.

The PoC also demonstrated significantly reduced service ordering, configuration and activation process times, cutting what used to take months to just hours.

This reduces opex and results in simpler configuration processes. Based on the demonstration, service restoration after a fault can drop to an average of just several minutes.

“NEC is proud to successfully complete the first multivendor transport SDN PoC in Russia. It proves the maximum performance to service providers across all transport layers with this multidomain, multilayer and multivendor transport SDN solution that optimizes network traffic and automates configuration,” said Akihiro Sakurai, Managing Director of JSC “NEC Neva Communications Systems,” NEC Corporation’s subsidiary in the Russian Federation. “This proof of concept proved the ability to provide end-to-end network automation and control.”

“Networks need to undergo a significant transformation and we are excited that the demonstration results showed our Multilayer SDN Controller’s ability to simplify and automate complex networks,”

said AlokeTusnial, Chief Technology Officer of SDN/NFV Business at Net cracker. “By proving interoperability across multiple optical vendors, NEC/Netcracker is helping service providers like Rostelecom to fundamentally re think their network design and level of automation.”

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